Raja Beta 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Poorva’s Nani is very disappointed by her actions. Nani gets insulted by a lot of guests especially Vandit’s father.
Nani gets so embarrassed by the situation that she takes Poorva to the storeroom. She tries to burn themselves. Vandit, Poorva’s sister, and Dadi get so worried.
Vandit finally opens the door and saves both of them. Nani is in tears for Poorva’s life. She tells that who will marry her after this.
Vandit stands by her side and offers to marry Poorva.
Poorva’s Nani and Vandit’s Dadi gets super happy. They marry with all the rules. Poorva is just speechless and going with the flow.
Ramesh denies accepting Poorva as his daughter in law. Vandit makes a deal with him to punish whatever he wants. Vandit tells this because Ramesh had never treated him like a son.