Raja Beta 26th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Poorva is kidnapped. Vedant is extremely worried and tensed. He is roaming around in search of Poorva.
Vedant’s Dadi calls him and ask about Poorva. Helpless Vedant tells Dadi that he hasn’t found Poorva till yet. She gets worried but believes in Vedant.
Vedant breaks down but Dadi encourages him. Dadi tells Vedant to never lose hope. Vedant is motivated and plans to rescue Poorva smartly.
Vedant tells the hotel management people that he had found his wife Poorva. Vedant gets suspicious about them when manager stammered.
Manager calls the kidnapper and asks him about Poorva. While the kidnapper tells that Poorva is still with him, Vedant catches them all.
However, Vedant blackmails them either they tell the location of Poorva or he will call the police.
Somehow, Vedant manages to reach Poorva. The kidnapper and Vedant indulge in a fight.
Kidnapper points the gun on Vedant. Suddenly, police reach there and handcuff the kidnapper. Poorva hugs Vedant and gets very happy.