In the hospital, Yash gives consent form and asks Ratan to sign. He says if anything happens to Diya then hospital will not take responsibility. Ratan signs on it. Yash says if she really want to take your property then she wouldn’t have been here. He says he heard the man planning murder of Diya and says if anything happens to her then you will be responsible. Diya is treated in the hospital. Priya goes out of house. CT follows her and hears her talking to Raghu. Raghu says Diya can die at any time, before her death, we have to take her thumb impression on property papers. Priya nods. He imagines Diya’s soul coming to him and asking shall I go. Diya starts sinking and the doctor tries to revive her by giving electric shock. Ratan says sorry and asks her not to leave him. Diya says

let me go, I am very tired and asks him to take care. He asks her not to go and shouts no. He says you have promised me that you are my pehredaar and can’t leave me and reminds her of the promise which she made to his father. Doctor says we are losing her. Ratan promises to support her always and asks her not to leave him. Doctors declare her dead. Yash sees her breathing and calls Doctor. Doctor says it is a miracle and treats her. Yash comes to Ratan and says that Diya is alive and says everything will be fine.

Later Ratan comes to Diya and holds her hand, says sorry. Diya opens her eyes and says I heard in some movie, no sorry and thank you in friendship. He says I brought you from death and fought with yamraj. He says I promise that I won’t let you go. Yash says I told already that all misunderstandings will be cleared. Ratan says I missed you. Diya says even I missed you. Yash says when attacker attack you, we will catch him. Raghu and Priya come to hospital.. Raghu asks her to go and take her thump impression. CT thinks she shall stop Priya and says Diya is fine. She calls Priya and thinks how to stop her. Priya comes inside the ward and sees Ratan sitting. She asks him to go and says she has to give her injection. Ratan goes out. CT hides. Priya takes out the papers and tries to take Diya’s thumb impression on property papers. Diya holds her hand.

Yash asks Ratan why you are sitting here. Ratan says nurse is giving her injection. Priya says I will kill you today. Diya pushes her and holds her feet. She falls down from the bed. Ratan and Yash hears the voice and go inside. They see Diya holding Priya’s leg stopping her. Yash takes out the mask from Priya’s face and sees her face shockingly. Priya says whatever we have done is for you. Yash asks who is with you. Priya says your father. Yash, Ratan and Diya are shocked. Priya cries and says we have acted to separate, acted to take walking support and have killed your parents too. Ratan asks why did you kill my parents. Priya says Maan singh gave you everything when you was born and snatched rights from us. She says we wanted our son to get everything which we couldn’t get. Yash says I can’t be your son and says I can’t be at peace if you snatches his property. He asks Ratan if he is thinking that he is with them and asks if they are doubting me. He folds his hand. Priya says you didn’t do anything. Yash says you are a murderer and I have just one relation with you, ie of police and criminal.

Raghu kidnaps CT and asks Ratan to come to him.