Yash asks police to arrest Priya. Priya cries and says not to do this with her, she is his mother. Yash doesn’t listen and asks police to take her away. Yash is informed Raghu is also arrested. CT hears all from outside. Yash falls on his knees and apologizes to Diya for what Priya did. Diya and Ratan tell him not to blame himself. He is not at fault.

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Ratan comes outside and asks Priya why she did this. She tells him to take care of Yash. His parents did wrong, but Yash is very good person. He never did anything wrong. She informs him there is someone else in the house as well. That person is very smart. That person used her and tried to separate Ratan and Diya. She tells him some of the things that she didn’t did, but someone else did to help her. She further

says that she openly accepted what she did, but she didn’t plan to degrade Diya in his eyes. If he thinks that danger is over, then he’s mistaken. His enemy is still in his house. Police take Priya away. CT heard all this.

Sakshi, Ratan’s aunt regret what they did to Diya. Bhuvan tells CT that he told her not to trust Priya. Aayush says it’s not CT’s fault.

Ratan and Yash bring Diya home. Whole family welcomes Diya with respect. Diya apologizes everyone for treating them bad. But she did all that to reach to the killer. CT does her arti and family members take Diya inside. Sakshi tells her she doesn’t need to feel bad. They learned how to live as a family because of all this. Aunt also praises Diya how she took care of Ratan. She hugs Diya. Diya says she fulfilled her promise that she gave to Maan Singh. Now they all can live happily as a family. She thanks Yash for standing with her for 12 years. She couldn’t have done this without him and he should not blame himself for this. She is with him. Other family members also tell him that they are with him. Ratan recalls Priya’s words and wonders who could be that person.

Ratan brings Diya to her room. Their heads hit each others. He does it again saying Diya told her it’s bad if heads hit once. Isha brings milk for Diya. Diya is surprised. Isha reminds her their childhood moment when she used to bring milk for her. She says when she heard about the accident, she was so scared. She asks her to forgive her. She never understood her. She folds her hands. Diya says she was waiting for love from her sister, there is no place for apology. She was dying to hug her and hugs her. Ratan is happy seeing them. Isha makes her drink milk. After that she leaves. Milk leaves mustache mark. Ratan laughs and takes selfie to show that to her. Both laugh. Diya asks him to forward her that picture. After leaving, she will see all that pictures and remember moments she spent with him. Ratan’s smile disappears.

He sits down and asks how she forgave him and Isha so quick after what they did to her. He could have never done that. Diya says peace is in relationships, not in ego. That is why maturity is in forgiving. He stayed in fear all this long, but now he can accept his family without any fear. He is lucky that he has family. Ratan again recalls Priya’s words.

CT meets Raghu in jail. Raghu says he can’t believe CT was another attacker. CT says she did all that for Priya and him. Their family is breaking and she shares some plan with him. CT acts of having hearattack. Police come in. Raghu snatches a gun and leaves keeping CT on gunpoint.

Ratan is thinking about telling what Priya told him to Diya. He sees Yash packing. He was going to him, but stops as he gets a call. It’s from Raghu. Raghu shows him that he has kidnapped CT and asks him to come to some location without telling anyone. If he tries to act smart, then he will kill CT. Ratan asks to let him to talk to CT. CT tells him that she is sorry to have a son like Raghu and asks him not to come. Raghu kicks CT’s chair. Ratan gets worried and says he will come. After video call ends, CT and Raghu laugh. A lawyer comes in with some papers. CT tells Raghu to let Ratan go after he signs papers. 50% percent properties will be hers and 50 percent Raghu’s

Precap: Ratan points a gun at Raghu and asks CT to go. CT goes behind Ratan and points gun at him. Ratan is shocked. CT says Raghu is her own blood, she will stand with him only.