Diya tells Sajjan Singh that she will do as he says and says now she came to fulfill her duty as his daughter. Sajjan Singh asks his wife to ask Diya why she came there. Diya holds his legs and apologizes. Sajjan Singh says now you don’t need to apologize to me, as you have hurt me enough and asks her to leave. Diya says I will not go anywhere until you forgives me and says I will stay outside the house, but will not go without your forgiveness. Ratan, Yash and CT come to meet Abhay. Abhay says you are here and greets CT and others. Ratan apologizes. CT says whatever Diya has done was to fulfill her duty. A woman comes there and says she is Abhay’s elder sister. She asks Ratan if he wants to get rid of Diya now. Ratan says Diya has sacrificed 12 years of her life to protect me. Yash

says all the misunderstandings will be gone if you talk.

Ratan tells Abhay that Diya’s happiness is him. Diya’s mum tells Sajjan Singh that she is standing infront of them and says they shall forgive her. She says if we were sad here, then if she was happy there. She asks do you want our daughter to go. Diya and Isha cries. Sajjan Singh tells that he missed her very much all these years and says he felt pain when she agreed to Maan singh’s words and refused his father’s saying. He says when she went she was 18 years old, but now she is 30 years old. He says people used to ask him if his daughter got married or is still pehredaar of Ratan Sa. He says if someone will come forward and marry you. Ratan apologizes to Abhay and says I am ready to do anything and asks him to forgive her. Diya asks Sajjan Singh to apologize. Sajjan Singh takes out his turban from almari and asks can you return my 12 years and the respect which I have lost.

Abhay breaks the glass and says you said you will do as I say. He asks him to fix it back. Ratan is shocked. Sajjan Singh asks Diya if she will marry and settle down in life. He asks you are 30 years old and asks if someone will marry you. Diya is worried. Ratan says whatever Diya has done is for duty and whatever you are doing is for ego. He asks him to accept Diya. Abhay walks away. Arpita says you got your answer. Ratan thinks about Maan Singh’s letter.

Sajjan Singh asks Diya to answer and says if someone will hold your hand. Ratan comes there with CT and Yash and says yes Kakusa. He says Diya will marry and her incomplete dreams will be fulfilled. He says someone loves her very much and is ready to marry her. He says he is none other than Abhay. CT says Ratan convinced him. Ratan says Diya is not guilty, but I am guilty and promises to give her all the happiness of life. He says if Diya is Shatrani, then I am also a Rajput. He says Diya will become Abhay Singh Rathore in just 5 days. Sajjan Singh gets happy and says he wants to see his daughter happy and married. Yash tells Diya that she deserves more than this. Sajjan Singh hugs Ratan, then goes to Diya and hugs her. Diya cries happily. CT requests Sajjan Singh that they want Diya’s doli to go from Kesar Mahal. Sajjan Singh agrees and asks his wife to give sweets to everyone. Diya cries happily. Ratan signs her to smile. He comes to her and covers her with her odhni. Balam ji plays. He says your odhni and says I knew that you left it intentionally. Diya says she had worn mismatched dupatta.

Ratan tells Diya that he has planned her wedding and take rounds with her around fire. A girl comes and says are you getting married, took 7 rounds. Diya and Ratan are shocked.