Ratan calls Diya as Mrs. Abhay Singh Rathore and asks how is she feeling to be called. Diya says she doesn’t know and have no feelings for now as everything happened so speedy and she couldn’t catch up and asks why did you hurry up. Ratan says you are already 12 years late and asks her to get ready for adventure. Diya says I really can’t believe that you could do this. They take rounds around the fire while talking. Ratan says he bent down infront of Abhay and convinced him. He says he did all the planning and says Abhay will come on horse.

He says they will welcome Abhay and baraat while standing on kesar mahal with fireworks and flowers. Diya says everyone sit on horse. Ratan says shall I call parachute for him and says he will hold your hand in the marriage altar like

this, and they continue taking rounds. A girl comes there and claps and asks if you are getting married. Ratan says I am not getting married, but she is marrying Abhay. Girl says but you took 7 rounds with her. Ratan says why I take 7 rounds with her always and tells that they will take more rounds with her. Diya asks what is this new drama and asks how he can get scared. Ratan says if Abhay comes to know this, then he will kill me and says 7 rounds etc is not for me, it is very boring.

Diya says do you think I am boring. Ratan says yes. Diya says it is better to be boring than being coward. She says she will not marry him even if he is last guy on earth. Sajjan and CT comes there. Sajjan talks about the importance of 7 rounds. Ratan thinks it is good that he didn’t see else would have send Diya with me as my wife. CT talks about the marriage arrangements. Ratan says they will begin the arrangements in kesar mahal. He makes arrangements in kesar mahal. Arpita does Diya’s tilak and says if you had married 12 years ago then our parents would have done your tilak. Diya says sorry. Arpita says these things don’t matter infront of you as you are very precious for my brother. I felt pain seeing his pain. She says there will be only suhaag’s mehendi and red chunari. She says I hope you will not give her stress or trouble.

Ratan comes and says ofcourse yes, and says Diya will see dreams of marriage with Abhay. He keeps his hand around Diya’s neck. Arpita takes off his hand and says after marriage he, kesar mahal people, or Diya’s mayka people will have no rights on her after marriage. Ratan gets angry, but CT calms him down. Diya is tensed. Arpita takes out the money and showers on Diya. Bhuvan takes it and says he will give to Servants later. Arpita says she don’t care once money is gone from her hand. She taunts Diya and asks if she wants to stay here as she is habituated because of her duty. Diya says I was doing my duty in kesar mahal and says now my promise and duty is over. Even I have waited for Abhay for 12 years. Arpita asks her to get ready to do duty of Abhay’s wife. Diya smiles.

Ratan is angry and scolds Servants over the arrangements. CT comes there and asks him to control his anger. Ratan says Arpita was shouting and was showing ego. CT asks him to be careful. Ratan is worried for Diya. CT says she will bring young age bride for him. She asks him to make sure Abhay don’t get upset over anything. Ratan nods and goes.

Diya looks at her shagun things and recalls Arpita’s words. She tries to knead the flour and finds it quite tough. She rolls the chapattis. Yash asks what happened, why is she upset. Diya ays she is worried and couldn’t make roti and says she forgot to cook while holding gun in her hand. Yash asks her not to worry and cuts the roti with the mould. Diya smiles. Yash says you can do anything and shows her first card of Abhay and her marriage. Diya gets emotional reading it.

Ratan meets a young girl in his palace. Diya dances with Ratan on a song during marriage functions.