Ratan is on horse when CT signs a Servant and he lights crackers infront of horse. Horse gets crazy and makes Ratan fall down on ground. It is about to stamp its feet on his chest when he moves. Ratan’s chest catches fire due to the perfume which CT gave to Ratan. Ratan shouts forhelp. CT removes her shawl, runs to him and covers him with her shawl. She hugs him.

Later Diya tells Ratan, why someone attacked him. Ratan says Yash is enquiring. Sakshi says it can be accident. Yash says no and tells that it was a conspiracy and tells that it was chemical on his clothes rather than ittar. Bhuvan says you will accuse us now, and says it is daily thing. He says we all comes in doubt always. Nitya tells CT you gave clothes and ittar to Ratan. CT says but Diya checked it. Diya says she

herself checked it. Sakshi says it is not possible. Inspector brings liquid chemical bottle and says last time Diya was found near the place where it is found. Bhuvan asks him to get it checked. Bhuvan asks did you check Diya? Yash says she herself is a security incharge. Bhuvan says when everyone is doubting you, your mouth got closed and says you wants to kill Ratan and attacked him many times. Ratan shouts and asks him to stop it. He says Diya saved me risking my life and you are doubting on her. CT says attack shall be on Diya, but why on you. Ratan tells them that property transfer papers was fake and says even today Diya has nothing.

Ayush comes there and tells that bank people said that there is nothing of you now, and everything is on Diya’s name. Diya asks him to talk to Banker. Ratan asks him to get the papers. Ayush brings the papers and says yours everything is of Diya now. Diya says it can’t be possible and tells Ratan that she got fake papers signed by him and says it is enemy conspiracy surely. CT asks what is the matter, can anyone explain. Ratan says it is happening according to Diya’s plan and says this engagement was acting too. CT says why you have played with our emotions. Ratan says Diya thought that we will catch the enemy if I transfer property on Diya’s name. CT says this means this is all Diya’s plan. Bhuvan says this is right and says she doubted everyone so that nobody doubt on him. Ratan falls in CT and Bhivan’s plan.

Bhuvan says you have changed papers and planned attack on you. She thought to murder you and rule on your money. He says CT that it is not one day planning, but 12 years old planning. He says this all started when Daata hokum gave her Ratan’s responsibility, she has broken her engagement and send him to foreign. He says she stopped you there itself, but when you returned, she attacked you and then saved you, as she wanted to become rakshak in your eyes, and made us bhakshak, so that you loves her and hates us. He says she played this fake papers and original papers trick and transferred property on her name. She says if anything had happened to you, then she would have got someone of us arrested and would have ruled on kesar mahal alone. He says I told you many times not to sign on any papers without reading papers. He says you have nothing now and don’t have money to return also.

Diya says I will not give explanation to anyone and says Ratan trusted me. He recalls all the incidents and Abhay telling him that he will not be saved from her venom. She asks Ratan to come and says this is enemy conspiracy and he/she is a step ahead of them. She holds his hand, but he is still standing. Diya turns to him. Ratan gets doubtful on her. Priya and CT rejoice. Diya signs him to come.

Ratan tells his father that Diya wants to kill him and says she is a betrayal. Diya cries.