Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Throws Bachelorette Party For Diya

The mehendi designer writes Ratan’s intial in Hindi. Ratan calls Abhay and invites him for party and says there is a surprise in the party. Abhay asks if Diya knows about this party. Ratan says Diya is excited and was telling me that she is bored of her traditional look and wants to change. He says you will see Diya’s new avatar today and says see you tonight.. Abhay calls Arpita and tells that his prank worked and Ratan kept modern youngsters party, and will show Diya in a modern avatar. Arpita says not bad. He says he will not refuse decorated Diya and smirks.
Ratan tells Diya that she is looking good in mehendi etc. Diya asks why you are talking sweetly. Ratan says you will leave from here after marriage. He asks her to have juice and says we shall sit and spend some quality

time, have some heart to heart conversation being friends. He asks what do you expect from your husband.

Diya asks why you are asking me. You don’t believe on marriage. Ratan asks her to tell her expectations and says I will write on board. Diya says she wants loving, caring and understanding husband. She says she wants to have morning tea with him etc. Ratan feels pity on her husband. Diya says I expect 100 percent loyalty from my husband. Ratan says you want your husband not to look at hot girls, and have to be blind even though he has eyes. Diya says she wants her husband to fill her forehead with vermillion daily. Ratan says you wants to do your make up. Diya tells about other likes. She says she knows what Abhay likes?

Ratan says he knows what Abhay likes and tells that she shall be fashionista, flexible, modern, adjusting, updated, hot, sense of humor. He says these points shall be adjusted to her points. Diya says this is your points and says if you see this, you will feel pity on your wife, where you will get traditional and modern girl. She says thankfully I am not marrying you. Yash comes and says Ratan has planned party for her. Ratan says it is like farewell party. Diya asks him to ask permission from Sajjan Singh. Ratan says it is youngster’s party. Diya says you didn’t tell them and says it is not right. Diya says you are 30, not 80 and asks why you are talking as buddhi Amma. Diya says I will not come. Ratan says this party is for you and asks her to say yes. He says this is the last night for you here, and asks her to agree for their friendship. Diya asks when is the party. Ratan says you have agreed to come.

Sajjan Singh is sitting in his room. Diya comes to him. Sajjan Singh asks her to sit. She asks did you take medicine? He says yes and says he is reminiscing old memories of 12 years. He says you will leave after your marriage. Diya says everything is fine now and will be fine always. Sajjan Singh says you have grown up and asks her to go and sleep. Diya ays good night.

Jhunki comes to Diya and says Ratan sent this for you. Diya calls Ratan. Ratan says this is party’s dress code and asks her to wear it. He says you will look very beautiful. Diya says ok. She checks the dress.

In the party, Yash asks Ratan if he told everything about party to Diya. Ratan says let her come first. Abhay comes. Song is played. Abhay asks about Diya. Ratan says she will look smashing and you will forget that she is 30 and today she will look 18.

Diya hides seeing her mother. She feels sorry to go without informing her. Ratan waits for her. Ratan dances with the girls in the party and waits for Diya. He hears sandal sound and turns. He sees Diya coming there in Salwar suit. His smiles fades away. Diya looks at him.

Precap: Ratan asks Abhay to kiss Diya and says it is a small dare.