Diya asks Ratan to come. Ratan asks how can you lie easily and asks how can you manage all the words easily, enemy, savior, etc. He says I just heard what you said and trusted you blinded. He says I don’t like Kakusa, but his doubt is not wrong. He asks whenever I was attacked, you saved me. He says you are so intelligent then why did attacker is not caught. He says I came in your talks and trusted you, you did this for property. He says Abhay was right, who couldn’t respect his love, why she will be loyal to me. He asks why did you do this with me. Diya gets teary eyes. He says whenever I have any doubt, you used to solve all my problems. You said there is some enemy from our family, I agree, made engagement announcement etc, but you made me against my family. He asks when I have

this question, why can’t you help me. Diya is silent and crying. He says I deserve a slap to trust you. He slaps himself.

Bhuvan says Ratan Sa. Ratan says Diya made me danced like a monkey and says I hate you. Diya says why don’t you understand, this is enemy’s trick, you are making enemy win by doubting on me. She says they are brainwashing your mind and provoking me against you. She asks him to believe her and says she didn’t do anything. CT says we never instigated him against you and says we never saw such clever woman in our lives. She says we never thought that you want to kill him and sent him away from her when he was 9 years old. She says she is Ratan’s Maasa.

Ratan holds her as she pretends to fall. Diya says if I wanted to kill him then I would have kill him, and haven’t waited for 12 years. CT says you wanted to blame us for his death and that’s why waited for this day. She says you made the word pehredaar as black spot. She curses her and says you will never be happy in life and I will never forgive you. Diya is about to say. Ratan asks her to stop it and says please spare me, I don’t want to hear your talks. He says you are an expert to fool and cheat people. Diya cries and asks if he can feel betrayal in her. Ratan pushes her. Diya falls down. CT and Priya smirks. Ratan asks her to do loyalty drama somewhere else.

Diya cries badly. He holds her hand and talks him to Maan Singh’s pic. He tells his pic that his faith on Diya was wrong. He asks Diya to accept that she is a betrayal. He asks why did you blind trust on this woman and says she wants to kill me. He says wherever you are, accept that Diya is a traitor. Diya cries badly. CT recalls changing the ittar with chemical. She then talking to lawyer and gets real papers. She asks him to change the fake papers with real ones and nobody shall know. Diya is going out. CT smirks and then wipes Ratan’s tears. She asks not to worry and says she is with him. Ratan apologizes to his family.

CT says you believed her being young. She thinks she made rakshak as bhakshak. Yash thinks to talk to Ratan. CT thinks she will rule in the palace. Diya goes to her room and says she is innocent, and says I am not traitor baap ji sa. Bhuvan says it is fun and gives sweets to everyone. He says after 12 years, it seems like eclipse is gone from our palace. He says murderer, attacker, killer will not be echoed in our ears now. Sakshi apologizes to Nitya. Nitya says we all have doubted each other. CT says we all got saved, but we have to get teaching that nobody can harm us until we are united. Bhuvan says Diya is alone, but we are united. He says he has decided a punishment for Diya. Isha is sad. Ratan thinks about signing on the documents and punches the sand bag. Diya cries. Yash comes there and asks him to stop, says I will do your first aid. Ratan says I will punish Diya and says she will have to pay for this. Yash says Diya never attack on back. Ratan says Diya’s friendship blinded you. Yash says anger has blinded you. Ratan says you are believing her even after seeing the proofs and says I will not be surprised if you think of her as a friend. Yash asks him to listen. Ratan says I don’t want to talk and asks him to leave.

Ayush asks Isha to go and talk to Diya being her sister. Isha says she has broken all relations for duty, and says she made herself big and went far from us. I couldn’t do anything. Diya recalls Ratan making her wear necklace and takes it out, and recalls the moments. Rishta likhenge naya plays.

Diya cries. Yash comes there. Diya says your family said so many things and asks if he also thinks she is a traitor. She says you are a policemen and believes on proofs and says today all proofs are against me. Yash says I know that proofs can be made and compromised. He says your honesty with Ratan can’t be wrong. She says she don’t want him to separate from his family. He asks her to talk to Ratan and convince him that this is enemy’s trick. He gives mobile and asks her to talk to him. Yash calls Ratan and says he is coming to meet him with Diya. Ratan asks him to put the phone on loud speaker. He laughs and says he is going to do something big than her. Diya and Yash come running to Ratan as he gets inside the marsh. Diya shouts asking him to stop.

Yash asks Diya to hold the stick and goes to bring something. Diya asks him to come out. Ratan says who are you to tell me and says I am Daata Hukum. Diya asks him to come out and take revenge from her. He holds her hand and drags her inside the marsh. Ratan says now I am happy seeing you punished. He says you will be finished. He gets drown. Diya shouts and searches for him. Yash brings the rope. Diya takes him out of marsh.

They bring Ratan to palace. CT acts to be concerned for him. Sakshi says Ratan was about to commit suicide because of Diya. Bhuvan says either we kill the enemy or ourselves. He says this is the time to kill the traitor Diya and says he thought of a punishment too. He asks him to get her crushed under mad elephant’s feet. CT thinks he shall give him suggestion to get property back from Diya. Bhuvan says we shall cut her hands. Sakshi says we shall throw her in valley. Yash asks them to stop the nonsense. Diya tells Baab ji sa’ pic that she can’t fight for Ratan anymore, as he don’t trust her. She can’t see hatred in his eyes. She is about to go, but her dupatta gets stuck. She says she will handover everything to Ratan and will leave. Yash says there is a law to punish the guilty.

Bhuvan asks what is the proof that Diya is accused and says someone trapped her. He says she gave 12 years of her life and says even law gave a chance to the accused to give clarification. Ayush says Diya can never do this. Yash asks Isha to tell if she really thinks Diya will do this. He questions Ratan if he learnt this in foreign. Ratan says diya will be punished and goes inside. He goes to Diya’s room and throws her clothes etc. Diya says she will handover his wealth and will leave by tomorrow, then you can stay without any interference. He holds her close to him. CT thinks you have to go Diya, we will celebrate once Ratan gets the wealth. Ratan asks him to accept her crime before going. Diya says she is innocent and will not accept the crime. She picks her clothes. Ratan thinks he will punish her.

Bhuvan says Diya will be punished. Diya is brought while her hands are cuffed. Ratan looks at her.