Ratan asks Diya to have food and says it is important for you to be alive to accept the death. Diya promises him that she will not die and eats the food. Ratan’s soul asks her how she can eat the food and says it is your punishment. Diya coughs. Ratan is about to give her glass. Diya’s soul appears infront of him and calls him fool not to believe on her. She asks what happened suddenly, you would have trusted my eyes. She drinks water and sits to again eat it while she is handcuffed by the chain. She says if this is the punishment then I accept it, asks if he is happy. He says very much and goes. He looks at her bed and reminisces the moments with her.

Yash comes to Diya and asks her to come with him. He says Ratan is angry now, but I will make him understand. Diya says you

will not do this, if you makes me elope then everyone will call me traitor. I will stay here and fight for the truth, one day Ratan himself will say I am not a traitor. Ratan’s soul asks him to go out and enjoy as his enemy is away, asks if he is weak. Ratan looks sad and says he is not weak, and will prove it. He goes to diya while she is sleeping on bare floor. He throws fire wall near her and aims gun at her. Diya holds his gun and keeps on her head. He opens her chains and holds her face, says he will not kill her like a coward and will give her fair chance. He takes her with him. CT thinks to talk to Diya and convince her to transfer wealth to Ratan so that he gets his property back. She sees Ratan taking her outside and gets shocked.

Yash thinks Ratan might have cleared his misunderstanding. Priya is going to Diya thinking about Raghu’s words and thinks to kill her after taking her signatures on the property papers. Ratan takes her outside and asks her to shoot him, says there is one bullet in it. Diya says she will first shoot. CT comes inside and asks Yash to inform Ratan that Diya is missing. Yash says he took Diya out to clear the misunderstanding. CT and Priya are shocked.

Diya shoots. Ratan checks himself and looks at the pot which was hit by the bullet. Diya says she don’t want to kill him, killing someone is not the game. Ratan says I understood your plan, you have everything now, and I have name sake Daata Hukum now. CT tells that she don’t believe on Diya. Yash asks her to worry about Diya and not Ratan, says everything must be fine. CT thinks nothing can be fine. Ratan asks Diya what she will do with the money, asks if she wants to rule and lead a lavish life, and says you made Abhay leave from your life. He says you can take all my wealth as I don’t care and says you are freed for your responsibility. Diya thinks he is right now, he don’t have any threat to his life. He says I am free from all this.

Diya gets teary eyes and says finally you have become smart. I knew this, you were never interested in wealth. He says I have freed you from the responsibility and asks him to thank her. Ratan says ofcourse, you shall be rewarded for your selfless duty. Diya says I am freed from my responsibility and asks if he will like to stay in someone’s kesar mahal. Ratan says he likes his freedom and will never enter Kesar Mahal, says he is going to live his life. He says I am giving you all the property in charity. He sits in jeep and goes. Diya thinks he gave her master key in anger and now she will find the criminal .

Diya comes to Kesar Mahal in Doli and tells that she is even now the owner of Kesar Mahal and its wealth. She asks them to follow her orders.