Ratan is driving the jeep and gets Yash’s call. Yash asks where is he? Ratan says he is going to Jaipur. Yash asks where is Diya. Ratan says he has freed her. Yash gets worried. CT thinks if Diya gets successful to convince Ratan. Just then she hears Bhuvan calling everyone using mic. Sakshi asks if he is going to stand in elections. Bhuvan says Diya is gone and asks them to have free breath and say they are enjoying. They dance. CT says wealth is still on Diya’s name. Guards come there and say Maharani came there. Bhuvan thinks she must be big maharani and asks everyone to bend their heads in honor and says thakur sa welcomes you. Diya says you are still chote thakursa. She steps out of Doli and makes a grand entry.

She says sadly your good times don’t last for long. She

says commando have been holding you, and says you have proved that property papers are 100 perfect real and that’s why she is the owner of the wealth. She says you all can’t take breath without my permission. Everyone is shocked. CT says she will call Ratan. Diya says she sent him on vacation and says just as two swords can’t be in one holder, two rajas can’t stay in same palace. She thinks she will find who is behind the conspiracy.

Ratan comes to Jaipur and thinks he is a free man now. He sees a boy whistling, but couldn’t whistle properly. He imagines Diya teaching him how to whistle and thinks why is he thinking about Diya. He sees wine shop and says this is the way to forget her. Yash comes there. Ratan says you are here. Yash says it is easy to track him and asks why is he thinking about Diya. Ratan asks are you insane to think I am missing her. Yash says today they will spend some quality time. Ratan says they will enjoy.

Jhunki comes and stands with Bhuvan. Bhuvan says I am owner, why you are standing beside me. Jhunki says Diya made everyone stand altogether. Bhuvan refuses to give his phone. Sakshi says I can’t give you my phone. Diya says if you have any problem to give phone then give you hands. She asks commando to bring her sword. Bhuvan says it is a limit to do joke. Diya says you wants to be Thakur and covers him with shawl. She says there is one thing missing and says you have hands and says it needs to be cut. She takes out the sword. Bhuvan gets scared and gives his phone. Diya asks who will rule? Sakshi says you. CT also gives her phone. Diya says in this palace only Diya Sajjan Singh will rule. CT says when sin pot gets full it breaks. Diya says what to do, I was faithful for 12 years, but I was called as a traitor. I thought to become disloyal and see. She says she is thankful to the person who trapped her and made her owner of the big estate.

Ayush asks why you are doing this. Diya asks him to call her Maharani Sa and asks everyone to call her maharani sa. She asks commando’s to take their sim cards and return their phones so that they can use it for alarm. She says we will meet here at 12:30 and says she will do big announcement. She says she has blocked all communication. Everyone gets tensed. Diya says you have to dance till 12:30 and gives him ghungroos. Bhuvan wears ghungroo and dances. Diya says your lets shall move else. CT gets sad. Diya thinks she shall see what to do. She talks to Ratan’s pic and says it is good if you don’t return soon, she says she wants to enquire about the person who conspired against her and that’s why kept everyone in her captivity.

CT calls Ratan and tells that they are in problem and asks him in come back. Diya tells that someone used sim card and asks guards to search for the phone, and says she got signals on tracking device.