Everyone wonder what could be Diya announcing soon. CT thinks how to stop Diya’s drama. Sakshi gives water to Bhuvan and asks him not to dance else Diya will not let him drink water too. Nitya says she is missing Maan singh and Ratan. Ratan tells Yash that his life in London was free and there were many girls around him. He says I used to trust Diya a lot, but what she did, she has broken my trust. He says we were searching the attacker, I didn’t know that she was my big enemy. He says I am happy, very happy. They were attacking me due to my property, but now nothing will happen to me as I have no property. He slips and then says I hate you. Yash messages Diya that Ratan is with him. Ratan asks him to say where is diya and says she might be thinking I am small kid and must be crying

sitting on a corner. Diya’s foot slides and she thinks Ratan might have badmouth about me. Yash tells Ratan that Diya might be worried. Diya tells that she wants to make everything fine and is not a traitor.

Bhuvan gets tired of dancing. Diya says you might give dancing classes and asks him to sit. Bhuvan falls down. Diya asks everyone to give all jewellery or precious things to her and says diamonds will be deposited in the treasure. She asks Sakshi to give her jewellery also. Mohak says she got it from various sides. Diya says Mohak will be punished now. Mohak asks Sakshi to give her jewellery. Diya calls guards. Guard punches Mohak and he faints. Sakshi asks him to wake up. Diya says whoever goes against me will have to bear this. Sakshi asks Diya to call doctor. Diya says now nothing can happen. Sakshi asks Mohak to open eyes. Diya signs the guard. Guard says he will get consciousness in sometime, I didn’t hit him hard.

Sakshi curses Diya. Guard goes to them and says he has an injection because of which he will gain consciousness. Priya says she will give injection and gives it. Diya looks on and thinks if Priya used medicine and injection in engagement. CT sees Diya and thinks so this is her trick. She thinks she can’t lose so easy. Mohak gains consciousness. CT tells Priya that you used to give injection to yash when he used to get fever in childhood. Diya is doubtful.

Sakshi refuses to have food. CT asks them to pick food and have it. Bhuvan says we all shall eat. They ask each other to have food first. Diya feels bad and thinks they are good people, but one among them is criminal.

CT goes to room and thinks I know Priya has one more phone. She searches for it and gets the phone. She calls Ratan and tells that they are in trouble, asks him to come soon. Ratan asks what trouble? CT says we are in deep trouble and asks him not to tell Diya. She then removes his number from the mobile and flushes it in the commode.

Diya asks who is the one who haven’t given the sim card to me and says she got a signal on the tracking device. She says someone used it inside the palace and asks guards to check everyone. Yash and Ratan leave for the Palace. Guards check the sim card everyone. One of the guard gets the sim card from the commode and shows to Diya.

Ratan and Yash come there and see the men of the house wearing vests and standing for checking. He asks how dare you to check the family members? Diya comes and says she asked them to check being the maharani of the palace. Everyone tell Ratan that they were humiliated in their own place. Bhuvan says death is better than this life. Ratan says that’s why you sent me out of kesar mahal. Diya says thank god you came to know this. Ratan asks her to get out and says I can’t bear you even for a minute. Diya stops his hand.

Ratan tells Diya that he will reverse the court transfer papers. Diya asks guards to hold him. Yash takes out gun and aims at Diya. Diya aims gun at Ratan.