Diya tells Ratan you have to bear me, you are standing here because of me. She says I am property owner and says she will do what she wants. Ratan says he will get the papers reversed in court. Diya asks guards to catch him and says you can reach there if you manage to leave from here. Yash aims gun Diya and says you can’t do this with Ratan. Diya also takes out gun and aims at Ratan, do you really think that I can’t do this with him. She asks him to lower the gun and asks guards to take them. Ratan says you are doing big mistake. Diya says now Ratan is also in my custody. She goes to Ratan and says everything is with her. Ratan asks her to kill him. Diya says she is not in a mood. She says I have waited for you since 12 years and makes him have water by force. Ratan spits it and asks

what you are doing? She asks him to get ready to say good bye to everyone. She says it was easy for me to kill you, only I knew that you are studying in London. I was a fool to wait and says don’t know why I like complications in my life. She says she has some work and will come to him and kill him.

Diya sees Bhuvan and other doing her aarti. Diya looks at them. Yash frees his hands and come to Diya. Diya asks guards to go and says she will handle. Yash asks what is your plan and asks her not to be silent. He asks her to share her plan with him. Diya says she is trying to search the enemy. Yash says I am with you and my hand will not shake while catching him. Diya shows the sim card and asks him to get the details for the sim card and says it will help us reach enemy.

Diya brings pizza for Ratan and says you can die peacefully by eating this. Ratan refuses to eat. Diya says ok, I will eat. Balam ji plays. Diya says even Pizza is mine now. She says she was living simple life and says I would have taken all your property from you, but I was mad and haven’t done this. She says even now I haven’t done this. She says you can’t do anything. Ratan asks her to free his hands and see. Diya opens his hands and says go for it. She says you wouldn’t have believed me, but would have believed your father, it is not right to break someone self esteem because of someone’s talk. She asks him to have food. Yash gets the phone activated and calls on the last dial number which is of Raghu. Raghu hires goon and asks him to kill Diya.

Diya gets all property transferred on Ratan’s name. She sees goon behind her car. Raghu sees missed call and calls on the number. He calls and tells that Diya will meet with an accident now, then we will get the property transferred. Yash gets shocked. Ratan thinks about Diya’s words. Yash calls Diya and asks where is she? Diya asks about sim card. The goon hits Diya’s car. Diya’s photo frame breaks as she gets injured. Yash gets shocked hearing the sound. Many people gather there. Ratan picks Diya’s pic and says she was right, she would have kill me long back. Yash comes to Ratan and says enemy did Diya’s accident. Diya is taken to hospital. Yash says I won’t let anything happen to you. Ratan stands shocked.

In the OT, Diya is given electric shocks. Ratan cries and gets shattered.