Diya decides to return all papers to Ratan and leave for ever. Bhuvan, Sakshi, Mohak come to get Diya arrested. Bhuvan informs he has not done this, its Ratan’s orders. Diya is shattered and doesn’t resist or say anything. Bhuvan announces to everyone whoever betrays Ratan, this is what will happen to them. Officers bring Diya down in handcuffs/chain. Ratan and Diya look at each other. Ratan turns his face away. Bhuvan is telling everyone to see, they won’t get to see again. Yash comes and says enough. He asks Bhuvan to open handcuffs. Bhuvan says he hasn’t done anything. Only one person can stop this and that’s Ratan. Yash goes to Ratan and says this is illegal and there are procedures. Ratan says he doesn’t care, he is Dada Hukum. If he wants to arrest

him, then he can. Yash reminds him this is Diya, their friend, whom Ratan’s dad trusted. Does he see lie, betrayal in her eyes? Ratan says she has changed many colors, she is full of lies. After hearing this, Diya again starts walking. Yash continues to convince Ratan not to do this. Ratan finally says “stop”. He goes to Diya and says she can still be free, but she will have to accept that she wanted to kill him. Accept that she betrayed him and his dad. Diya says she is ready to accept any punishment he wants to give, but she will never accept wrong accusation on her. Ratan says until she doesn’t accept, he won’t give her to police. He asks Bhuvan to take her and do what he told him to do with her.

Bhuvan, Sakshi, officers bring Diya to some dark isolated place. He says she was very proud of being guard right? Now she will be called betrayer. Diya stares at him. He says she can’t do anything now. Her ruling is over. Now she can rot in jail/dungeon. He leaves. Sakshi also taunts that she feels bad for her, but they have long relationship so she will help her. Handcuffs/chains must be heavy. She takes off all jewelries and says she had eyes on that since so long. She leaves.

Ratan looks at Diya. She too watches him and a guard closes the door.

Ratan breaks down. CT consoles him. He asks CT whether she can give him love that he missed for 12 years. He wants to eat kheer made by him. She says definitely.

Everyone is at dining table. CT serves kheer to Ratan. Yash taunts that Ratan did such a big thing with Diya and this deserves celebration. Ratan’s mood gets spoiled. CT asks him to taste and say whether it’s like before. He eats and then stops. CT tells him they all are with him and then feeds him. Jumki is taking food for Diya. Ratan stops her and takes food from her. He sees there’s so much food on the dining table and Diya will only get burned roti and daal. Yash asks he will give such food to Diya? Bhuvan says that’s what people in jail deserve and asks Jumki to go. Ratan says he will go. He wants to see pain that Diya has eating such food.

Ratan goes in and Diya is writing something on wall. Ratan checks and she has written all over that she is not a betrayer. He asks her to stop it, all this won’t have any effect on him. He asks her to eat as he wants her to stay alive to accept her crime. She promises him that she won’t die and eats burned roti. Ratan seems to be feeling bad.

Precap: Ratan points a gun at Diya and says only one of them can survive today.