Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Satrupa coming to Vikram. She says you sleep well, I have to sleep alert, you are not any ordinary child of any ordinary family, why do you create Agnipariksha dilemma for me always. She cares for his wound. She says you should have stayed in my womb, you would have not run away from me. Anami’s mum learns english. Anami comes. Her mum says make me mute, I will not say anything. Murari says I have learnt my lesson, my name is Murari Pathak, I m from Banaras. His wife praises him and asks him to chant mantras in english. Anami asks her to control emotions and practice. Murari says I work as hindu priest in Banaras, I have my wife Madhu and two children Anami and Lakshya. Anami asks her mum Madhu to say. Madhu says I m Madhu Pathak, I m married to Murari, I have two

kids, Anami and Lakshya. Anami corrects her. Madhu says you do Lakshya’s admission in english school, I m out of this. Murari explains meaning of housewife. Madhu says I was just joking. Lakshya asks her not to joke.

Vikram argues with everyone for deciding for his life. He asks till when will this go on. Satrupa says you were attacked, its not safe. Vikram says let me live my life, how long can I stay at home by fear, I can take care of myself. Baldev asks Satrupa to think about Vikram’s life, she can’t cage him. Satrupa says I m not ready to take this risk, he won’t go out of this house. Everyone looks on.

Baldev asks how would you feel if anyone did this with you. She says I was married in this age, I forgot old things, please don’t force me to remember those things, its about Vikram’s security. Dadi asks what’s the problem, we can arrange his security. Satrupa says he won’t be safe in hostel. Vikram says its better to die than living like this, I have studied all year, I have to give exams. Satrupa says give me time to get your admission abroad. He says I don’t want to go abroad, I want to go Delhi. Dada ji says Satrupa’s words are bitter, but true, you are our heir, you don’t decide that people’s dreams and hope break, its your wish, I m with Satrupa. Vikram says fine, make this Lal mahal a jail for me.

Pujan comes and dances on dhol music. He says you all are fighting and waiting time, Vatsal will manage everything. He calls lawyer. He gives the papers to Dada ji and Vikram and takes their signatures. Pujan says our society will just listen to Vatsal’s command. They all smile. Pujan dances with Vikram. Vikram gets his stepbrother there and dances with him. Satrupa gets angry.

Vikram says I signed papers, now let me go hostel please. She says no. Pujan dances and eyes Vikram. Vikram sits alone. Pujan comes to him and says sky appears as the feeling in heart, happy and sad. Vikram says don’t joke Chachu. Pujan says I m asking true, how do you see the sky. Vikram says I feel suffocated, sky looks sad and dull, there is no color and light, this sky looks helpless. Pujan smiles. He says no helplessness and bond is so strong that it can’t be broken, look at the birds, how they are roaming in sky without fear, none can stop their flight. He asks Vikram to rebel. He smiles and goes. Vikram thinks.

Its night, Vikram comes to his parents’ room and holds ears to apologize to them. He takes their blessings. He tells them I love you and goes. He throws his bag down the balcony. He gets down and leaves from Lal mahal. His brother looks on.

Its morning, Satrupa takes breakfast for Vikram. She sings Lag jaa gale….. and wakes him up. She gets shocked seeing pillows in his place. She gets his phone. Baldev too gets a shock seeing this. He shouts. Pujan’s son says Vatsal has run away from the house. Pujan asks is he sure. His son says yes. Vikram boards a bus. He sings O saathi chal……He talks to a little girl and eats food from her tiffin. The girl shares the food. A goon sits in disguise and points gun at Vikram.

Goon sees Vikram and informs Pujan. The car meets with an accident.