Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update: 

The Episode starts Anami preparing Lakshya for interview. She asks them to answer whatever is asked. Vikram hears music alongwith a girl. A man says I have seen you somewhere. Vikram says maybe in any fair, I do monkey dance show. The man says I have seen you in Lal Mahal, your name is Vatsalya Vikram Singh. Vikram says I m not Vatsalya, you have gone mad. Bodyguard says Vatsalya is here and gets up. He makes Vikram talk to Satrupa. Satrupa gets relieved talking to him and says I will agree to your conditions, surely, its a deal, come back. Vikram agrees. Baldev teases him for running alone instead running away with a GF. Vikram gets down the car. Vikram says Tej is following me, what can I do. Baldev says there is a good news, you can go anywhere you want. Vikram says you are the best dad

in the world. A goon sees Vikram going in the car. He informs Pujan that Tej Khan took Vikram to Lal mahal. Pujan says do anything, my full support is with you, Vatsalya shouldn’t reach Lal Mahal this time.

Anami asks Lakshya to do as she taught him. Lakshya goes for interview. He gets nervous. Anami signs him to say. Lakshya doesn’t talk well. Anami says don’t know what are Murari and Madhu doing. Murari too gets nervous and talks to principal. Murari says we don’t know english, we tried a lot, how long can we hide truth, we will talk in hindi, Anami is studying in inter college, it will be good if you give admission to Lakshya. Lakshya comes. Anami meets principal and says my family gave admission test. Principal says yes, you can see result after two days, Lakshya is weak. She says he will answer everything in hindi well, if you don’t give a chance to him, how will everyone learn english. He says his total score is less, sorry I can’t help you. She says Lakshya is good in sports. He says we have 100 meter record of 13 seconds, if he beats the record, he can get admission in sports quota. Lakshya falls down while running. Murari helps him run again.

Satrupa talks to Vikram on call. Baldev says don’t drag me in between you two. Satrupa scolds servant. She asks him to make sweets for Vatsalya. Vikram praises her memory. He says your fav song is coming on radio, did you hear it. She says yes. He asks her to sing for him. She sings Hai apna dil to awara…… Vikram sings with her. A truck hits Vikram’s car. Anami’s rakshasutra breaks down. Satrupa hears the sound and gets shocked. She drops the phone. The car flies in the air and falls far away. Satrupa shouts Baldev and runs to him. She cries and comes downstairs. Baldev asks what happened. She says Vatsalya and faints…..

Pujan looks on and smiles. Goon calls Pujan. Anami thinks of Vikram and worries seeing the rakshasutra beads on the ground. Vikram dies.

Satrupa does the rituals and cries. A lady Sudha gets ready and smiles. Maid says Lal mahal is mourning. Sudha says I like loose hair, it depends on one who understands signs. She jokes. Maid says Lal Mahal is mourning for Vatsalya. Sudha gets shocked. She says why did kid got punished for ancestors’ mistake, I want to cry. She cries. She wipes tears and says tears don’t suit me, you will think why am I wearing red clothes today, mourning color is white for world, its red color for me, red bangles, sindoor, saree and Lal Mahal. She smiles and plays a song. Hai apna dil to awara…..plays….. She sings along. An officer comes to meet the senior and smiles.

The officer talks about Lal Mahal case and takes it over. He looks at Lal Mahal and sees a pic.