Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with officer meeting the senior to talk about Vatsalya’s case. Senior says it looks an accident, its a high profile case, govt gave this case to CBI, its an open and shut case. Adhiraj says we call such accident a murder, he was attacked in Banaras, Tej saved him, this time both got killed. Senior says I think you did your homework. Adhiraj tells the numerous attacks on Vatsalya till now, people hide truth in Lal mahal, we have to dig you out. Senior says fine, take over this case. Adhiraj says I want to handle this case my way, it will be trouble for Lal mahal residents. Senior allows him. Adhiraj goes and talks to his assistant.

Satrupa and everyone mourn for Vikram’s death. Baldev thinks of Vikram and cries. Dada ji too recalls a moment with Vikram. Jaana

kaise….plays…… Satrupa recalls Vikram. She sees little Vikram running around and playing. She goes after him and recalls an old moment. Satrupa cries. Anami threads all the beads and says don’t know what happened today, I feel worried, I feel like I lost something, there is loneliness in heart. Pujan and his son come and see Baldev. Pujan’s son Avdhoot says time is passing by. Pujan says time will come back to us, let them mourn, they will run and come to me.

Vikram’s stepbrother lies on the bed and cries. He wears Vikram’s jacket and looks at the pics. He says Vatsalya you don’t know what’s it to be you, you would have not thought this ever, I always wanted to be you, but I was just myself. Murari sees Anami at the ghat and comes to her. He says when there is flood in Ganga ji, water does not just break shore, but also heart, forget what happened. Anami says don’t know what happened today, your words are not reaching my heart. He says Laddoo’s admission is not a big deal, we don’t know where heart strings join. She says I don’t know if I m in peace or loneliness. He says it can’t be understood so easily, your questions and thoughts are very big. She says you always answer me and refuse to accept, such greatness is not good. He says I just try to answer. She says our relation with Lord is big. He says we have to reach peace, heart has to be strong. She asks him to say, where to find peace. He jokes. He asks her to have tea, it has everything. She says I taught you joking. Satrupa comes to room and gets a gun from drawer. She aims at her head and shoots. The gun has no bullets. She screams. She fills bullets in the gun.

Adhiraj arrives and looks at Lal Mahal. He sees an old pic and says your hatred made me strong, I will write your fate now. I will settle scores, I will get justice.

Pujan talks to media. Goon comes there. Pujan gets shocked. Adhiraj sees the news. Anami gets into an argument with some goons.