The Episode starts with Satrupa aiming gun at her. Daamo comes and stops her. She asks her to live for Vatsalya, who believed in getting people together, not running away from responsibilities, you have to live. Satrupa says what shall I do. Daamo asks her not to do anything, but not harm herself. She sees the media and asks Satrupa to stop media from making Vikram’s death a drama. Reporters ask who will get this big empire now.

Pujan and Dada ji arrive and sees the media. Adhiraj sends his assistant and wishes her all the best. Pujan clears the media and takes Dada ji ahead. Adhiraj says they will lose their money if they don’t do anything now, they have no power and money today. The reporters ask Pujan to answer about CBI enquiry. Pujan starts acting and says we lost our son

in this sad incident, you are doing torture, don’t give us more sorrow. He sees the goon coming there and gets shocked. He asks media to leave and goes. Goon meets him. Pujan asks why did you come here, if anyone sees you, it will be a big thing. Goon says CBI got Vatsalya’s case. Pujan says leave from here. A man calls Pujan and asks him if he wants to increase storm. Pujan says this news fire should keep blowing up. Reporter asks him to keep paying money. Pujan says you will get bungalow this time, just raise one question, if royal steels have any heir or will it go in trust. He sees the goon hearing him. He gets angry.

Adhiraj’s assistant fixes GPS trackers to the cars. Adhiraj asks her to come back. Anami sees a fake baba duping people. She scares him about his grahs. She shows tricks and fools everyone. She asks people to understand, this baba is a fraud. She explains how she has shown the miracles. She asks people to not fool themselves and end their blind beliefs. People get angry on that fraud baba. Anami leaves with Laksh. The fraud baba says this girl should not go safe from here.

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Pujan tells Guru ji that everyone is afraid that company will go in trust, without having a heir. Dada ji says Vatsalya went, royal steels ended. Pujan acts good and says many workers future depends on it, if anything happens to it, workers will come on road. Dada ji says I have disowned Baldev, he can’t become my heir, how shall I get new heir. Pujan says none can be equal to Vatsalya, but Avdhoot can help us.

Dada ji says but Avdhoot is not our family, he is your son, you are my cousin’s son, we did not have any heir from outside family, there is a way, Baldev and Satrupa’s child can become my heir according to will, if they adopt Avdhoot then…. board of directors will agree, but you have to sacrifice your only son Avdhoot.

Anami and Laksh are on the way. Goons surround them. Anami does not get scared and smiles. Goons taunt her on her time ending. Anami gets down the bike and protects Laksh. Dada ji comes to Baldev and shares his sorrow. He says none’s pain is bigger than your pain today, you are brave father. Baldev says none should be such brave father. Dada ji says I don’t know how to tell you what I have to. Baldev says you always spoke to me without thinking, you have to do same today. Dada ji says I need your help. Baldev says I m not able to breath, how will I help you. Dada ji says Lal mahal, royal steels can get saved if you adopt Avdhoot. Baldev looks at him. Anami asks goons to decide who will fight with her, as she has to reach home in few mins.

Guru ji says its true Vatsalya is gone, but its a lie that you are childless, you gave birth to a daughter too, go and fight for your daughter’s right, get her back home. Satrupa cries.