Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 30th September, 2017 written update

The episode starts with Satrupa and Dadaji’s clash…Dadaji confronts Satrupa over business loss while Satrupa insists Dadaji to include Anami in business matters.

Satrupa and Dadaji argue for Anami meanwhile Anami herself joins hand and sides herself from business talks.

Anami and kids do practice Narottam also comes Anami calls Narottam and asks him to join her class.

Narottam, Anami and all kids practice fight while Anami recalls Narottam whenever Narottam sneakily left Lal Mahal to meet someone.

Suddenly Anami hits Narottam…Anami and Narottam starts fighting where Anami continuously hits Narottam…but suddenly Narottam fights back

Anami attacks Narottam but Narottam starts defending himself…Anami now taunts Narottam that he is not the one whjat he shows…who are you..??

Narottam gets shocked…

Vikramaditya tells Baldev and Gayatri that Adhiraj’s actions and attitude are same like Dheeru…Baldev opposes Dadaji but meanwhile Dadaji supports Dheeru that makes Baldev angry and he argues with Dadaji.

Baldev and Dadaji argue, while Dadaji suffers BP attack and about to faint but Gayatri manages the situation.

Anami confronts Narottam and asks what is his real identity he is fake and cheap person…Narottam is showing his emotional feelings…Narottam tells Anami that when he was born he was given to Kinnar union for his upbringing.

And this is the reason why he shows silence and innocence…Narottam cries a lot and denies talking to Anami, Anami tries to console Narottam but he refuses.

Pujan meets Oberoi they all plans strategy to grab Royal Steel Empire shares…they all celebrate this moment that they have already grabbed 51 percent share.

Adhiraj and Anami’s major confrontation

Lallan informs Adhiraj that Anami and Narottam both sneakily goes somewhere every morning…

Adhiraj asks if news is confirmed…Adhiraj meets Anami and eats Pakode Chatni…

Dheeru and his goon kidnaps Pujan’s business partner who is involved in conspiracy.

Adhiraj alerts Anami to be careful of everyone even Narottam too, he asks Anami to forget Narottam, Anami goes against Adhiraj for badmouthing Narottam she confesses Narottam her best friend.

Anami reads Vatsalya’s diary, Narottam is missing Poonam tells Anami that she didn’t him in Lal Mahal.

Narottam tells Sudha that target is up to mark Anami is worried for him…


Satrupa brings a tutor for Anami…tutor starts her lecture which bores Anami and she takes Anami for grooming where Anami too agrees for it.