Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Vikramaditya’s hidden motive behind accepting Anami as heir revealed Upcoming Twist

In the Star plus newbie show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, Anami’s life has begun a struggle of facing drastic havocs.

Pujan instigates Vikramaditya where Vikramaitya comes in Pujan’s influence and decides to kill Anami.

Pujan is on coud nine seeing that his plan has succeeded while Vikramaditya points gun on Anami.

In the upcoming episode finally Vikramadityya will take his step back and will make a drastic plan.

Vikramaditya accepts Anami as heir

It will be seen that Vikramaditya will think that may be Anami is his granddaughter.

And for the same he will take his step back, and Pujan’s plan will get failed.

Vikramaditya will not easily let Anami become heir and Royal Steel Empire head.

Vikramaditya will thus decide to accept Anami as heir but meanwhile he will plan a drastic trap to throw Anami out of Lal Mahal.

Let’s see how Anami will deal this upcoming havoc.