The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is gearing up for some action and drama.

Diya has handed over all duties to Ratan and decides to leave Kesar Mahal and Ratan after Priya’s exposure.

Diya isn’t aware that trouble is still over Ratan as Chotti Thakurain is another traitor who wants to kill Ratan.

Diya and Ratan’s love to blossom amid conspiracy

Diya decides to take leave while Ratan is puzzled as he gets Babjisa’s letter in his memory box, Babjisa wants Ratan to marry Diya.

Ratan initially declines Babjisa’s wish but soon realise that he can’t stay without Diya and Diya had done much for him and Babjisa also wanted the same.

Ratan proposes to marry Diya which gets Chotti Thakurain shocked while Diya declines Ratan’s marriage proposal as she don’t want Ratan to take any wrong decision in emotional state.