Sony Tv show Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya will showcase interesting turnaround with Ratan taking up the duty of turning Diya’s Pehredaar.

It was earlier seen that Diya turns Ratan’s Pehredaar for twelve long years and safeguarded Ratan’s life wholeheartedly siding her personal life.

Amid Diya’s engagement with Abhay, Arpita will make sure that Ratan and Diya start maintain distance and break Ratan Diya’s friendship.

Arpita is unaware about Ratan and Diya’s close proximity and she does not like the same warning them to maintain distance henceforth.

However, Ratan will soon come to know about Abhay and Diya’s ulterior motives against Diya.

Ratan turns Diya’s Pehredaar paying off debts

Ratan will try to warn Diya about the same but Diya refuses to believe Ratan.

Therefore, Ratan will be seen turning Diya’s Pehredaar guarding her from Abhay and Arpita’s evil intentions.

Will Diya witness Abhay’s evil face?

Let’s wait and watch.