Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Abhay (Suyyash Rai) betrays Diya on marriage mandap, Ratan (Rohit Suchanti) turns groom

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is gearing up for some interesting twist.

Ratan and Diya’s relationship of pehredari has now ended but their friendship is intact while now Yash and Ratan turns wedding planner for Diya and Abhay’s wedding.

Diya and Abhay’s marriage preparation are going on in much galore, while Abhay is actually playing game with Diya and trapping her.

Abhay is up for his insults revenge from Diya as Diya had refused his love proposal infront of Ratan.

Abhay and Diya’s marriage dhamaka

While now Abhay will leave Diya in wedding mandap and will also question Diya and Ratan’s relationship, Ratan, Diya and everyone will be left shocked.

Ratan will thus turn groom to marry Diya as per Babjisa’s wish as he had ordered Ratan to marry Diya if no one marries Diya.

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