Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Ranveer says Roop that he is disobeying Shamsher. Roop tells that Shamsher told not other come in, and they are standing outside. Shamsher tells Ranveer to close the door. Ranveer says to Roop that he is listening to Shamsher. Roop stops him. Kamla tells him not to fight on occasions. He tells Kamla to come out, as they will celebrate Rakshabandan outside. Ishika ties rakhi for her dad. He tells her to always listen to parents. Ishika asks if it’s necessary to tie rakhi to cousin brothers. Kanchan tells her she should tie. Her dad gives her a trophy of best daughter. Roop gifts the photo frame to his sisters. Bus tells Kamla that she knows she wants to be with her kids. Roop tells that the occasion is incomplete without her. Kamla joins them. Ranveer tells him to cool. Bua ties rakhi to shamsher. Roop gifts a idiol for Jigna. They enjoy the celebration.

Shamsher gifts But. Himani calls ranveer to tie rakhi. He tells her that she is not related. Kinjal says that even they won’t tie him. Kamla says that a brothers hand should not be empty on rakhi. Ishika is about to tie rakhi to praful. Dhaval comes and drops her plates. He tells that because of her he is in jail. She carries the plate and tells she does not want to insult the occasion. She tells her father to stop the pretend relation and goes to her room. Ishika cries in her room. She tells that she lost her brother because of them. Rupesh tells not to talk on that topic and gets angry and leaves. Roop dances with his sisters. Shamsher tells that till he’s exam get over, he will bear it. Shamsher gets a call. He goes out and hugs Roop he tells bua that Roop and shamsher both have passed the exams. Roop is shocked as he had written a letter and songs.

Precap : Police asks Ishika where is next contestants. She says he ran , Roop runs and catches a goon. Police says what is the use of interview he displayed the way to catch a goon.