Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Roop is thinking how he passed. The checkers do not check his paper as he is Shamsher’s son. Roop says that Shamsher did not do the right thing, he made him pass by wrong means. He tells that he has to perform badly in the interview to back off from being an officer. Kinjal tells Roop that Kinjal passed the test. He says that she had to as she studied hard for it. Ishika looks at her childhood picture and becomes sad. Rupesh also looks at a rakhi. Kanchan says that he told Ishika not to talk about it and now he is remembering the incident. He keeps the box as Ishika comes. Ishika tells them to play carrom with her. Ranveer reads Shamsher’s file to get ready for the interview. He tries to impress Shamsher but Shamsher is worried about Roop. Roop keeps his rakhi in a box. Jigna says he has collected since he was small. Ranveer thinks that Shamsher should give his preference to make him an officer. Shamsher tells Jigna and Kinjal to not disturb Roop and let him focus on his interview. Shamsher tells Roop that Ranveer is getting ready and he should practice like him. He tells Roop to tell that he is his son then they will let him pass. Shamsher tells that do not sing song there. He shows Roop’s paper to Kamla. Kamla is shocked to see Roop’s papers.

Shamsher says Kamla to give him her promise and make him clear the interview. Ranveer listens their conversation. Ranveer says that he will use Shamsher’s name to become an officer. Ishika prays for her mom and dad. Ishika’s friend calls her. Ishika thinks that Roop will fail and she can volunteer properly. Roop reads his letter written in the paper to his mom. Roop tells Kamla that tomorrow either he will become what he’s father wants him to be or be someone he wants to become. He asks Kamla to support him. Kamla apologizes to him for forcing him to become an officer. She tells him she will support him and always pray for him. Ranveer does not know the answers in the interview he takes Shamsher’s name to clear the interview. Roop suspects a man as he looks around. Ishika tells him she does not know how he passed the exams. Palak asks her to go away. Ishika and Palak fights, the man tries to steal a bike. Police asks Ishika the next contestant she says he ran. Roop hits a rod and stops the man. The police says that he actually caught a robber. They say there is no need of interview round for Roop. The principal says that he made Shamsher and the college proud. The police officers pass Roop.

Precap : Shamsher says to Ishika that she don’t know what she is saying, Ishika says that he cheated and made Roop an officer and he does not deserve it.