Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya Kidnaps Roshni

Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar telling Mata ji about her past life when she was Rani Darshana devi and she has killed her poor bahu. Sanjana asks who was that poor girl. Simar says I? Mata ji gets upset and cries saying she has done injustice with her. Simar asks her not to worry and says Rani Darshana Devi was not guilty, but someone provoked her. She says she has gone to Mata ji’s past birth and have convinced her to accept her bahu. She says Rani Darshana Devi have accepted her bahu. Mata ji takes a sigh of relief. Simar says she has changed the past now and tells that they have to keep the book safely. Aaliya wonders if this is true, if past life can be changed. She thinks to go back to past life and complicate Simar’s life and make her life hell.

Aaliya comes to the house and sees lock. She thinks nobody is inside and my work is now more easy. She manages to open the window and gets inside the house. She gets the book from the temple and opens it. Just then Simar and her family come there shocking her. Simar says whoever digs the land for others fall in the same pit. She says do you think there is a mantra inside. Aaliya checks and says there is nothing inside. Mata ji checks and asks what is it? Simar says she has done this to bring her here. She says she came to know that Aaliya have kept cameras in the house. She says she happened to see it and made her believe that the book have magical powers. Aaliya is shocked.

Sameer says you knew it and that’s why you have locked the door. Simar says now there is only one way which will take you to jail. She asks Piyush to call Police. Aaliya tries to run. Roshni makes her fall down. Aaliya says you can’t harm me, I will ruin you all. Simar says you can’t harm us and asks her to tell why did she do this. Aaliya says she made the fake story of box so that they gets engaged in finding the story behind it and she can do her work. Piyush asks what is her enmity with them. Aaliya says I hate you, the reason is you.

Piyush asks what did I do? Aaliya says Pratap Chaudhary. Piyush says how did you know him. Aaliya says he was my papa and tells that when he was in need of money, he asked for loan but Piyush refused saying it is against company policy and asked him to go. She says he got helpless, and tried to steal from Piyush’s cabin, but he was caught by CCTV camera and got jailed. He couldn’t bear the insult and committed suicide. A fb is shown. Aaliya tells Piyush that he was helpless and says you punished him for some money. She says I lost him for some money and says Bharadhwaj family is responsible for my papa’s death and then I have decided to ruin you all. Mata ji says you are not understanding and says you are doing the same mistake which your father had done. Aaliya asks her to stop her lecture and calls her old woman.

Piyush asks how dare you? Aaliya aims gun at Roshni and says she will kill her. She asks them to move and takes Roshni. She tells Simar that she didn’t came empty handed. Roshni calls Piyush and is scared. Aaliya says you will repent all life and says your one wrong mistake will make your life ruined, and says you will also feel pain like my father, now you will yearn all life for Roshni. Piyush says if anything happens to Roshni then I will not leave her. Aaliya pushes Roshni and makes her fall. She locks them and takes Roshni with her in car. Simar asks her to open the door. Piyush jumps from balcony and tries to follow her. Mata ji says where did she take our Roshni.

Aaliya is about to shoot Piyush, Roshni moves him and gets shot on her chest. She falls down from the cliff in the river.