Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Simar finding book inside the box. Roshni asks her to open it. Piyush also asks her to open it. Aaliya asks her not to not to open and says anarth will happen. Simar opens the book and feels some light falling on her. Everyone also closes their eyes. Simar says she is fine and reads the first page in which it is written Nirmala have to pay for Darshana devi’s sin. Mata ji says she is Nirmala. Aaliya says you have done a big mistake Simar. Sameer asks who is Darshana Devi and what she has to do with Mata ji. Aaliya says this is Mata ji’s last birth. Her rope gets opened. She asks them to move back and takes the box. She asks them not to force her to do something which she don’t want to do. Simar asks her to give the box. Aaliya shows them knife and locks the door.

Piyush and Sameer opens the door, but couldn’t find her.

Simar asks Piyush and Sameer not to go behind her, and says she is very dangerous. She says we shall decide what to do. Sanjana and Roshni asks what was written in the box and why she said it was Mata ji’s last birth. How did she know that? Aaliya looks at the box and says they got fooled that the box is dangerous. She thinks it was just technology. She sees Simar’s house in her laptop and says she has kept CCTV camera installed all in the house.

Prem says I read about such things about past. Mata ji gets worried. Simar gets tensed and goes near the temple area. Aaliya thinks why Simar’s eye is left opened. She says I can go in past birth reading this mantra and can wipe out the sin. Aaliya laughs at her thinking such things can’t happen. Mata ji comes to simar and says she don’t want to know about her past birth and will never want to pay for her sins. Aaliya says you will never know the truth. Simar takes the book and says she will not do anything. Later in the night, Simar comes to the temple area and apologizes to mata rani. She says I have to lie to mata ji.

I will make everything fine and walk on this way. Aaliya thinks if she has gone mad and says there is nothing written in the book. She reads the book. Mata ji sees Simar reading the mantra and suddenly she disappears. Mata ji gets shocked. Aaliya thinks this is impossible. Mata ji calls everyone and tells that Simar disappeared here. They all get shocked. Prem says Simar was right, she has gone to last birth. Mata ji says my last birth and gets worried. She asks mata rani to returned her simar. Piyush says Maa will return. Aaliya thinks if Simar reached last birth. They all wait for Simar to come.

In the morning, Mata ji says Simar haven’t come till now and asks mata rani to return her Simar. Just then a light comes and Simar appears infront of them. Piyush and others ask if she is fine. Mata ji scolds her and asks why did you go? Simar says she went to know the truth. Piyush asks what truth. Simar says Mata ji was rani Darshana devi, and tells that her son got married to a poor girl and because of this, Rani Darshana devi killed that poor girl. Sanjana asks who was that girl? Simar says I and looks sad. Aaliya is shocked and thinks to get the book.

Aaliya comes to get the book. Simar says do you really think the book has some mantra. Aaliya keeps Roshni hostage and escape with her in car. Roshni tries to snatch the gun and the bullet gets fired.