Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: After Leap Of 6 Months, Simar’s Quest For Piyush Ends

The show takes a leap of 6 months. Mata ji is seen doing aarti and singing bhajan. She prays for Piyush’s happiness on his birthday. Pari is shown with loud make up, jewellery and saree and scolds someone asking to repair the inverter. She then scolds the servant and insults him badly. She makes the puja flowers falls. Mata ji says work is done by doing and not by shouting. She asks why did you make the food cooked at house, and tells that we are going to temple and have food it. Pari says if you don’t trust me then why did you give this responsibility to me. She asks her to take the keys and give to Simar. Mata ji says I want you to handle your responsibilities maturely and asks her to check the arrangements. She asks her to do the aarti to everyone and asks God to give her some intelligence.

Simar looks at Piyush’s pic and smiles. She says she has done all the arrangements and will decorate the house. Mata ji comes there and says time has come to go to temple. Simar says we shall cut Piyush’s birthday cake before going. She gets Sanjana’s call and asks her if Sameer is taking care of her. Sanjana says yes and says they will reach temple directly and asks her to take care.

Sameer comes to Sanjana and says lets go. Bhairavi comes there and says even I am ready. Sanjana tries to touch her feet. Bhairavi asks them to take the aarti and says they will keep special bhog in the temple. Simar prays for Piyush’s long life and happiness and cuts his birthday cake. She sings happy birthday and cries. She says first bite is for my son and shouts calling his name. Mata ji and Prem are upset. She asks her not to lose hope and says Piyush will return soon. Pari asks why do you give her fake hopes and says we have searched him everywhere in the last 6 months. Mata ji says what to do then. Pari says we all knew that he will not come. Simar goes to her room crying. Mata ji says if you can’t pacify someone then don’t upset her. She asks her to ask driver to keep the stuff in the car. She asks Mata Rani to send Piyush back home and give them strength to get over this.

Later Simar prays to God and says she used to make halwa and keep bhog, and feed him. She says she couldn’t feed him Prasad for the first time and says she can’t bear it anymore. She says why you can’t bear a mother’s pain and asks her to return her son. Prem cries seeing her crying and consoles her. He asks her not to lose hope. Simar says nobody called when we gave advertisement in the newspaper. Prem says until he returns, I will not leave trying. Simar says I wish I would have accepted your and Sameer’s saying. Prem says we will find him. Bhairavi gives seed to Sanjana in the temple and says baby will be healthy. Simar and her family comes there. They greet each other. Mata ji says we shall do puja first. Simar tells Pandit ji that she wants to do havan for her son’s long life. Pandit ji says he did all the arrangements and starts puja. Simar prays that Piyush is fine wherever he is and prays for his happiness. Piyush comes there and rings the temple bell. Pandit ji says havan is completed. Piyush is getting down from the stairs and stops to wear slippers. Simar comes out to do the ritual and sees Piyush. The water pot falls from her hand. She says Piyush. Piyush sees her, but don’t react and turns to go.

Sanjana slips and falls hurting her baby bump. Doctor tells that they can save either mother or baby. They all are shocked.