The Episode starts with Sanjana thinking to drive the car even if Sameer don’t come with her. Sameer is walking on road when someone tells him that shoe lace was open. Sameer bends down to tie the lace when Sanjana comes there in car. The car is about to hit Sameer, but Simar saves him at right time. Simar scolds Sanjana for her bad driving. Sameer is in shock. Pari apologizes to Mata ji. Mata ji says you repeats same mistake again and again and says you are elder than Sanjana and she calls you chachi, but still instigates them. Mata ji wears the shawl which Pari saw in the video and gets scared. Mata ji asks her to tell what happened? Pari pushes her. Mata ji gets influenced of the box and asks Pari what she wants to do and why she wants to break the family. She asks what do you want to instigate

Sanjana. Pari asks her to move and gets scared. She says I will leave the house. Mata ji says she will punish her. Pari thinks to elope.

Pari’s neck gets entangled in the shawl and she gets suffocated. Mata ji doesn’t listen to her, later she turns and finds Pari suffocated. Pari drops her hand lifeless. Mata ji gets worried and calls everyone. Simar and Sameer come home. Roshni and Piyush also come home. Prem and others try to wake her up. Piyush also try to make her in consciousness. He says her nerves is not beating. Prem sprinkles water on her face..

Sameer says we shall not waste time and shall take her to hospital. Mata ji says I will also go to hospital. Aaliya tells Sameer and Roshni that if they don’t want anything bad to happen then come with her. They go with her. Simar is in shock. Aaliya tells them that the box is back again in the house and that’s why strange things happening. She asks him to remember what he saw in the box and what happened with him. Sameer recalls. Roshni says even same thing happened. Sameer says yes.

Aaliya asks did you feel the same evil energy. Roshni says yes. Aaliya says that box is in the house and we have to search it. Sameer says ok and they begin the search. They couldn’t find it. Aaliya says we shall search in the temple area. Sameer says lets check. They check in the temple also, but couldn’t get it. Simar sees them checking and asks what is happening here. They tell that they have been searching the box. Simar asks have you gone mad and says it is not in the house. She asks Aaliya, if she instigated them. She asks her not to involve her family and asks them to go. They all go.

Simar then prays to God and says Aaliya’s saying shall not be right and asks her to protect her family. Prem calls her and says Pari is out of danger. Simar thanks the God and thinks why did this happening in the house and wonders if the box is here. She thinks children made good plan on Christmas and thinks they were searching something. She thinks to search the box. Aaliya makes Roshni and Sameer hear Simar. She says she stopped us and went to search it. She says that evil box is related to her and she don’t want us to find it. Simar goes to storeroom and searches in the Christmas boxes, but she couldn’t find anything. She thinks it was her thought and thanks Mata ji. Box is there itself.

Simar gets the box and burns it. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Simar says now it will not ruin anyone’s lives. Aaliya thinks your family will be ruined now.