Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjana Loses Her Foetus

The Episode starts with prem gets Bhairavi’s call. They sit in car. Simar is waiting for Piyush, but don’t see him when he comes. They reach the hospital. Simar asks Sameer what happened? Sameer tells that Doctor is doing operation and Sanjana is inside. Doctor comes and says news is bad, we could either a mother or a baby. Everyone gets shocked. Bhairavi says nothing can happen to my grand child and asks Doctor to save the baby (surprisingly Sanjana is in 2nd month of Pregnancy, and how can Doctor save the foetus without its mother). Sameer asks what you are saying? Bhairavi says Doctors say like that, if they save the baby then Sanjana will also be saved. She says she wants baby to be saved. Sameer says what you are saying and says he wants Sanjana’s life. Mata ji is shocked. Sameer

tells her that they will save Sanjana. Prem says we all want both Sanju and her baby shall be fine, but…

Simar tells Prem that her daughter is fighting between life and death. She says she never questioned Matarani and accepted her decision, today she will question her and she has to answer. Prem asks Simar to stop her. Simar goes. Mata ji says let her go and meet Mata rani, she is going as a mother today. Bhairavi goes to the doctor and asks him to save her grand child.

Simar asks Mata Rani if she is happy and says she is on the edge of losing her daughter. She says she has always fulfilled her challenges and bear everything. She says if anything happens to Sanjana then she will stop believing on her. Everyone waits as the operation is going on. Doctor comes out and says Sanjana is fine, but they couldn’t save the baby. Sameer cries. Bhairavi is shocked. Simar hugs Sameer and pacify him. She says I know how you are feeling right now and asks him to pacify Sanjana. Sameer says you are right. Bhairavi thinks I will not leave the doctor. She goes to the doctor and grabs his collar and asks why didn’t you save the baby. Doctor says if I had tried to save the baby then both would have died. Bhairavi says you have given me so much pain. Sanjana cries for her dead baby. Sameer pacifies her and tells her that he loves her. Simar also pacify her. Bhairavi says you will again get pregnant. Bhairavi comes and apologizes to them. She says she was flooded in her grandchild’s love. She thinks she is very sad that her grand son died.

Simar and Prem see piyush on bike with someone and follows them. Piyush takes out gun and aims at Simar.