Sasural Simar Ka 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Simar And Prem Bring Piyush Home

The Episode starts with Bhairavi burning the toys and telling that it is inauspicious. She says next time we will buy silver toy. She gets a call and informs Sanjana that Piyush is found. Sanjana gets happy and asks Sameer to take her there. The woman Avni feeds Piyush with spoon in her house and calls him Mannu. Avi’s mother Hema comes and says my daughter spends all her time in taking care of your son. She says they are happy that Piyush is fine. Piyush asks her to solve the puzzle. Avni asks him to have food else she will not have food. Piyush sits to have food. Hema tries to make them emotional and asks for compensation directly. She tells that her daughter sold her bangles for his treatment. Hema takes Simar inside. Piyush asks prem to solve the puzzle. She tells that their fridge is filled

with Piyush’s milk, chocolates, corn flakes etc. She says we have cut down our expenses and have done so much for him. Simar says whatever you have done for my son is so much. Simar gives her bangles to Avni and asks her to take it. Avni don’t want to take it, but Hema makes her wear it. She asks for 95 thousand rs. which she spent on Piyush’s dr. fees and other expenses. Prem says he will call accountant and get 1 lakh rs. Hema gets surprised.

Pari opens the door. Accountant asks her to sign on the papers and gives her money. Prem asks him to bring 1 lakh rs. Accountant takes 1 lakh from the bag and goes. Pari thinks don’t know what they will lose and thinks one day even Bharadhwaj house will be sold. She thinks to end the matter for once and all. She calls Inspector and asks for his help. Hema looks at the money and says I hit the jackpot. Avni is sad. Hema thinks to give rent to her house owner and then will buy new TV. She asks Avni what does she wants? Avni is lost in thinking. Hema asks if you loves that mad Mannu. Avni looks on and laughs. She says what do you think that I will love that boyish man. She says it is good that he left, I will rest now. She says it was good that we found him. Hema says those people are good and says they didn’t know that we have spent money by selling his chain and ring.

Simar comes home happily. Pari acts to cry and says our Piyush is dead. Bhairavi says Inspector came here just now. Pari says Inspector said that he jumped in the Yamuna river and his body is not found. Mata ji says I can’t believe and tells Simar that she tried to call her. pari says she called people to mourn for his death. Simar understands Pari’s plan and slaps her asking if she don’t feel shame. She calls Prem. Prem brings Piyush there. Everyone gets happy seeing him. Mata ji says I knew that Mata rani will not do wrong with us. She says my son is back to me. Piyush sees his pic and asks who has taken his pic, and says he is looking handsome. He wears the garland kept on the pic. Everyone is shocked. Sameer asks what happened? Simar says he has lost his mental balance. Piyush asks where is Avni and says he needs to play with her. Mata ji says she is coming and says good boy don’t do like this. She hugs him and cries asking God to return his Piyush. Piyush laughs calling her Zebra and calling himself black panther. Mata ji calls herself Zebra. Piyush says you are good to play with me and hugs her. Mata ji says I am very happy.

Piyush is sleeping on Simar’s lap. He wakes up and says he wants his Avni. He hits on her head and says he is going to his Avni. He goes. Simar shouts Piyush.