The Episode starts with Simar finding the box in the store room and thinks she has to destroy it to save her family. Roshni and Sameer asks her why she lied to them that the box is not in the house. Sameer asks if this is more important than us. Roshni asks her to tell what is her relation with the box. Simar thinks she can’t tell them that it will destroy lives. She pushes them and locks the door. Sameer says I will break the door. Simar says I won’t let this evil powers win. Sameer breaks the door, but couldn’t find her as she is hiding behind the door. Simar goes out of room and locks the door. Roshni and Sameer ask them to open the door. Sameer tells Roshni that they shall go from the window. Aaliya comes infront of Simar and tries to snatch the box. Simar refuses to give it to her and

pushes her. Aaliya falls on the pillar and gets hurt. Simar runs to temple and asks Mata rani to show the way to destroy it. Suddenly wind comes. Simar looks at the diya and says you have shown me the way and pours oil on it and lights the fire to burn it. She thinks this evil power will never destroy anyone’s lives. Aaliya comes and asks what you have done, have you done mad?

Simar says it can’t ruin anyone lives now, it can’t ruin anyone’s lives now. Mata ji comes and asks what is burning. Sanjana says you said that you left the box somewhere. Simar says I don’t know from where did the box come from, but whatever is happening in our house is because of this box, it is not box, but a box of troubles. Aaliya gets angry and goes. Mata ji hopes Pari gets fine soon. Aaliya messes up the room angrily and throws the things. She gets someone’s call who tells her something. Aaliya gets happy and says really, smirks.

Simar tells Roshni and Sameer that she doesn’t know from where did the box come from, and says she doesn’t have the time and that’s why burnt it. Sameer says now I am happy thinking that box is gone from our life. They hug her. Later Simar finds the box in the temple thinks how can this be possible, I have burnt this box. She brings knife and tries to cut the box. She says it is very powerful and can’t be damage by fire or knife, thinks what to do. Aaliya comes and says sorry. She says I shouldn’t have behaved badly. Simar says I don’t have any complaints with you and asks her to go and get ready. Aaliya thinks this is just a starting, you can’t figure out the powers of box.

Simar thinks how to get rid of box. Sanjana brings food for Sameer. Sameer is upset with her. Sanjana says she cooked the food and tells that she loves him and says she will not drive his new car. Sameer gets happy and thinks if she don’t drive then accident will not happen. He says he was cheer up when she brought breakfast for him. Sanjana teases him and asks him to have food with everyone. Simar tells Mata ji that Piyush is getting ready to go to office. Piyush goes out and talks to the Urvi and tells that they will marry in afternoon itself. She gets happy and says you will marry me again. Roshni gets shocked and goes inside. Piyush tells them that Orvi is mentally stable and it is difficult to handle her. She says Doctor suggested him to send her to mental hospital and that’s why he will fake the wedding so that she gets convinced to go to hospital. Simar, Mata ji and Sanjana tell that they are with Piyush to help Orvi. Piyush asks Roshni to say.

Simar makes Mata ji sit and says he will switch on the lights. Aaliya keeps knife on mata ji’s neck and asks Simar to give her box else….simar says she will go.