The Episode starts with someone gifting bomb to Sanchi. Sanchi is about to open the box. Pragya reminds Sanchi of Veer’s threat. Sanchi opens the box and her face gets blackened and she gets hurt. They get a chit. Sanchi says I didn’t think Veer would do this. She goes to Veer with the black paint box. Veer asks who did this with you. Sanchi throws black ink on him. Veer gets angry and asks what is this misbehavior. Sanchi says if you come infront of me then you have no idea what I can do with you. Veer asks what did I do? Sanchi says it is your habit to do cheap tricks and asks how much he will stoop. Veer asks her to shut up and puts red ink on her. They get romantic and looks at each other. Veer holds her face and is about to kiss her. She pushes him and goes. Gayatri asks Nurse to change

Savitri’s medicines and threatens her. Nurse agrees. Gayatri says now you can’t be fine all life and we will take advantage of your situation.

In the washroom, sanchi washes her face and recalls the weak moment. Veer comes out after bathing and looks at her. A helper comes there and asks Sanchi, what happened? Sanchi says red color is not coming out. Veer hears them and goes.

Dadi comes to Priya and asks her to rest. She shows her baby frock and toys. Priya gets happy. Dadi says I want you to have a baby girl like you. Priya thinks about Vikrant saying he needs a champion son. Dadi asks what happened? Priya says nothing. Vikrant comes and asks what is all this, why girl’s clothes and asks why there are no boy’s clothes. Priya says he is asking why you haven’t bought boy’s clothes. Dadi says she will buy it next time.

Pragya says we shall hire security for you. Sanchi says no. A staff member comes and shows her bills. Pragya asks Sanchi to talk to Dr. Kabir and take his help. Sanchi says I can’t trust Dr. Kabir as he is with Dr. Malhotra.

Pragya comes to Dr. Kabir and comes to know that he went for a meeting. Dr. Kabir comes and says you are here? Pragya says she wants to talk to him about something important. Dr. Kabir asks her to come to his cabin. Pragya says Sanchi is worried because of the investors. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi don’t trust me now. Pragya says may be she will agree hearing you and forgive you. Dr. Kabir says I will talk to Sanchi and asks her to send Sanchi to a given address. Pragya thanks him and goes. Pragya comes to Sanchi and says we got an investor and asks her to go and meet him now. Sanchi says now at this time. Pragya says he is a big man and will travel tomorrow. Pragya hopes everything gets fine between them and thinks to teach a lesson to Veer. Dr. Kabir waits Sanchi at his old residence and thinks today he will tell sanchi about his helplessness to support Dr. Malhotra. He reminisces his childhood and takes out the photo album. He says I will tell you everything and then you decide if I am fine or not.

An attacker attack the hospital and asks Pragya where is the dean.