Savitri Devi 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya Resigns From Her Position, Veer Succeeds To Weaken Sanchi

The Episode starts with Sanchi apologizing to Veer and Ria thinking them to be Madhu and Bala’s Parents. Ria instigates the staff against Pragya. Pragya calls her boyfriend Satish and tells about Sanchi misunderstanding her. He says everything will be fine and asks her not to feel bad about Sanchi’s words. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir don’t know what happened to Pragya. Dr. Kabir asks her to talk to him. Pragya tells him that she is missing him and asks him to come soon. He says ok. Once she goes, Veer comes to her room and messages Satish on Pragya’s behalf asking him to come and marry her at the earliest and she can’t bear her insult anymore. Satish reads the message and thinks to come.

Sanchi comes to her room. Pragya looks at her and goes. Veer is hiding under the bed and leaves silently

when Sanchi goes. He thinks now he will make Pragya as her biggest weakness. He gets call from home and is shocked. Dr. Malhotra hugs Vikrant and asks him to take care of Priya and himself. Vikrant says we are getting late. Dr. Malhotra asks Priya to call him whenever needed and says they will visit her when the grand son is born. Priya says Veer didn’t come. Vikrant says they are getting late and takes her. Dadi cries. Dr. Malhotra tries to cheer her up and says we will visit her. Veer comes and calls Priya. Dadi says she went back. Dr. Malhotra asks him not to be distracted and focus on the hospital, says we will visit her during her delivery.

Veer sees Sanchi sleeping on her desk and thinks she might have slept here due to issues with Pragya. He takes her to cabin and makes her sleep on couch. Sanchi holds his hand while in sleep. He then happens to see Savitri and thinks she deserves my hatred and not my love. He is about to go when Sanchi wakes up and sees him. Next morning, all nurses wait for Sanchi near her desk. Sanchi asks what happened, what you all are doing here? Nurse tells that Pragya misbehaved with her colleagues yesterday and says what she will do with us. Sanchi asks them to relax and asks what they want. They say they can’t take the risk and ask her to fire Sanchi from the hospital else they will go on strike. Veer and Ria smiles. Pragya and Isha hears them. Sanchi tells them you can’t threaten me like this and says Pragya is a reputed doctor here and I can’t fire her. The nurses tell that they will go on strike. Dr. Kabir asks them if they trust him and asks how they can leave the patients. The nurses agree to resume duty and gives 24 hours to Sanchi to consider her decision.

Ria tells Veer that Nurses resumed their duty. Veer says to make a cake, it needs to be cooked in oven and needs icing. He says he did the work and waiting for the cake to bake. Ria says I don’t understand. Veer asks her to enjoy the cake.

Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that don’t know how to handle them. Dr. Kabir says everything will be fine in 2-3 days. Isha says Sanchi took your side. Pragya says yes, but I felt bad as she thought me wrong. She tells Sanchi that she is resigning from her HR head position and job. Sanchi says it is not needed. Pragya says I will not take advantage then and all pains will be gone at once. Sanchi feels bad and looks at isha.

Satish proposes Pragya. They get engaged. Pragya calls Sanchi to invite her, but Sanchi is busy in emergency surgery. Isha tells her that Sanchi was busy in surgery. Veer thinks to separate Pragya and Sanchi.