The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra coming to hospital and tears the rusticate papers of Veer and says Dr. Veer Malhotra is a stake holder of this hospital and you can’t rusticate him. Sanchi reads the file and is shocked. Dr. Malhotra says you can’t throw a stake holder. Veer says you got this position in charity and asks her to keep her attitude with herself. He challenges her to snatch hospital from her in 48 hours and says he can’t wait for 15 days and says that’s a promise. Sanchi says I can’t kick you out, but that doesn’t mean that you will work here, and says you can stay here, but can’t practice. Veer says I will show your status in 48 hours.

Gayatri asks him to see the reality and says Veer will never do any wrong work and will always be honest, and says God knows

if he has love for Sanchi even now. She says if this is the case then that girl will not go from hospital even after 48 births. We have to do something to get hospital and we have just 48 hours. Dr. Malhotra says we have to do something and gets some idea. He says he has a brilliant idea and says that girl will not be in our hospital in 48 hours. He shares his plan with Gayatri. Gayatri says it is a brilliant idea and asks can we take the risk. He says we have to do this by hook or crook. Veer’s friend take him to junior’s party. Isha and Pragya take Sanchi to the party.

The host asks Sanchi to dance with the guy whose name chit she gets. Sanchi gets Veer’s chit and tries to excuse herself saying she has important work. Veer asks if she is scared of something. Sanchi says she is not scared. Veer says so you might be lying. Sanchi says fine, I will teach you how dance can be. She starts dancing with him on the song dance pe chance….After the dance performance, Veer sees the girls telling something, he holds Sanchi and takes her near wall.

Sanchi asks him to move back. Veer ties her dress lace. Sanchi looks at him. Veer gets a call and he goes. Dr. Malhotra makes plan with Adarsh. Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that Sanchi is mixing something in Patient’s food as she has not having investors. Dr. Malhotra pretends to talk to Savitri and says I have never compromised with patient’s health. Veer is shocked and asks if she is really doing this. Adarsh asks him to go and check. Veer goes. Adarsh calls someone and asks him to handle.

Sanchi meets Jaya and tells her that she has a doubt on herself, she couldn’t handle the thing. She says I feel like sleeping in your lap. Jaya wipes her tears. Sanchi says I fear if my small mistakes snatch this hospital from us. Jaya shows Sunil’s pic locket and says since he left, all responsibility came on me after he left, but this locket gave me strength and I handled the family. She takes out the locket and says from today it is yours, and will increase your strength. Sanchi promises to keep up her father’s prestige and will change their time. Later she gets ready to go to Deep Rai chand’s party and tells Pragya that she is going, but don’t want to go. Pragya says you needs a break and asks her to go and enjoy. Sanchi says I hope Veer is not there. Pragya asks her to manage. Sanchi gets emotional and hugs her.

Veer sees insects and also rotten tomatoes in grains and kitchen. Nurse informs Sanchi that medical council came to check the quality of food.