Savitri Devi 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi Humiliates Pragya And Fires Her From The Hospital

The Episode starts with Veer manipulating Satish and tells him that he sent him message for their betterment. He tells Satish that Sanchi is a selfless girl and have insulted her. He asks him to take Pragya far if he wants to save her. He then acts and says I can’t see Pragya sad, she helped me also, now it is my turn to help her. Satish says you are right, but Pragya won’t agree and threatened me just now. Veer says I know it is difficult, but I have a plan, we have to do something big. Dr. Kabir gives the letter to Sanchi. Sanchi reads about the news and gets happy. She goes to the locker and checks the phone, but the calls and message is deleted by Veer. She gets sad. Dr. Kabir asks her to go and enjoy the engagement. Sanchi cries and says let her do what she likes, I am happy for her. Subramaniam

comes to Sanchi and says I wants your help. Sanchi says give me 5 mins. Subramaniam says it is urgent. Veer scolds Subramaniam. Ria comes and remind him not to support her. Veer says I know and goes. Ria thinks he is an idiot.

Pragya and Sanchi come face to face. Sanchi says congratulations. Pragya thanks her. Sanchi says you didn’t tell me. Pragya says you are a big dean now. Veer comes with his friend and congratulates Pragya. He asks Isha to show the pics. Isha shows the pic. Pragya thanks her for attending her engagement and says I am going home today. Veer thinks everything is happening as planned, tomorrow last plan and then your friendship will break for once and all.

In the hospital, Satish gets admitted in the hospital. Someone says he had eaten poison. Sanchi and Isha are shocked. Sanchi asks Isha to call Pragya. Veer says I won’t let anything happen to him and takes him inside the ward. Nurse comes out and says he is out of danger now. Sanchi comes to ward and asks Satish why did he try to commit suicide. Satish says Pragya don’t want to leave you and I can’t live without her. He shows the message which Veer has written and says she is very troubled because of you. I can’t live without her and that’s why thought to die. Sanchi thinks Pragya is very troubled because of me and goes.

Veer appreciates Satish for his acting and asks if he is acting in US. Satish says if anything happened to me because of medicines. Veer says nothing will happen and says good acting. Pragya comes and beats Satish for attempting suicide. She hugs him and warns him not to do it again. Satish says ok. Sanchi thinks about Satish’s words. Nurses comes there and asks her to take a decision, says 36 hours are completed. Sanchi says I have taken a decision. Dr. Kabir says what is she doing?

Sanchi tells that the nurses are right and Pragya have taken advantage of her position and her friendship and have done mistakes and sins intentionally. Pragya comes and is shocked. Sanchi says I have decided to fire Pragya out of hospital.

Isha thinks what happened to Sanchi. Pragya says you said that you will not take action against me. Sanchi says I did a mistake to tolerate your mistakes and don’t want to spoil the environment by keeping spoilt, arrogant and irresponsible doctor here. She shows her termination papers on her face and asks her to leave right now. Isha says but. Sanchi says whoever takes her side can leave. She says I am dean of this hospital and this is mine. Veer says game is over.

Dr. Kabir gets wig from Veer’s room and shows to Sanchi. He tells her that Veer conspired to separate Pragya and her. Sanchi goes to the room where Veer is partying with his friends and slaps him hard.