Savitri Devi 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir Exposes Veer’s Conspiracy Before Sanchi

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sanchi that she never thought that she will become so egoistic and says you always came first in school and college, as I had given you a chance and stood second. She tells that she thought her as best friend and sister, and thought of her mother and dadi as her own. She says you have given me this letter for trusting you and giving you more importance than Satish. She says I am a fool to stay here, I would have gone to America with Satish. She asks did you remember how old our friend is? She tells when they became friends and says since then I am your reflection, but today you have proved that you are my life’s biggest mistake. Sanchi is unaffected with her words. Veer and Ria are happy. Pragya says you are a black spot on friendship and throws suspension

letter on her face. She says she is leaving her profession today and will never see her face again even if she dies. She says even if I have to return to this hospital then come on my own competence. She removes her pearl bracelet and breaks it. Isha asks what you have done. Pragya says she don’t want anything which reminds her of Sanchi. She leaves the hospital with Satish.

Isha asks Sanchi what is that? She says you don’t need us, and is very egoistic about becoming dean. She says if don’t care, then even I should leave. Ria smiles. Sanchi cries badly. Veer goes. Dr. Kabir looks sad. Sanchi picks the pearls of the bracelet and smiles. Dr. Kabir asks why you are smiling. Sanchi says Pragya has love in her anger. She says you hates the person you loves. She says Pragya’s love need to end today, else she wouldn’t have go with Satish. Dr. Kabir says who thinks about others today and asks why did you do this. Sanchi says this was right to grow hatredness in Pragya’s heart and our friendship was not letting her go. She cries. Dr. Kabir pacifies her.

Pragya cries and asks Satish to take her to America and book the tickets for today. Dr. Kabir calls Pragya, but her phone is off. He thinks to talk to Veer and get Satish’s number. He comes to Veer’s room and sees a box kept there. He opens it and finds the wig, beard etc. He understands that it was Veer who came as Madhu and Bala’s parents. He calls Sanchi and shows her wig and beard and says he got it from Veer’s room. He says everything was planned by Veer to separate Pragya and you. He says what did you think that you have done right and says you are just a katputli to Veer. Sanchi recalls firing Pragya from her job and feels bad. Veer asks his friends to enjoy the party. His friends appreciates him. He says he is not in a mood, and asks them to cheers. Sanchi comes there and the wine from the trolley falls. Dr. Kabir looks on. Sanchi slaps him hard and says I know you are childish, but today I came to know that you are such a cheap man. You forgot humanity to break Pragya and my friendship. She says I thought you hates me, but you have humanity and heart, but you are mere a stone. She says today you have proved that you are Dr. Anand Malhotra’s son. She steps on glass and feels pain. Veer says sanchi. Sanchi asks him to keep away and regrets to love him.

Veer shows her Doctor’s list and says they all are on leave now. He asks her to accept defeat and says how you will manage two last days of the challenge without the doctors. Sanchi says she will work alone and manage the hospital, then the hospital will be hers.