Savitri Devi 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Sanchi asking Veer to grow up and stop doing cheap conspiracies to get hospital from her and says she will fight till the last moment. She asks them to think something big next and says she will think that son and father have done something to get the hospital. She tells that the hospital will always be hers. She calls Dr. Kabir and thanks him for informing her about the conspiracy. A fb is show, Dr. Kabir gets its Xerox or something and informs Sanchi. He calls and stops her from signing on the document. Fb ends. Sanchi thanks him. Nurse comes there and tells that patient is getting angry. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to assist him in the operation. The patient tells that he will get his operation done by Dr. pragya only. Dr. Kabir says I will do your operation. Patient refuses.

Sanchi politely tells him that she will do his operation if he permits and tells that Pragya is her friend and room mate. Patient agrees. Sanchi asks Nurse to take him to OT.

Veer asks Dr. Malhotra not to worry and says Sanchi is pressurized of work and will do some mistake. Sanchi’s hand shakes as she tries to do the operation. She reminisces Pragya and thinks she can’t be weak and have to do this surgery. Nurse sees her hand shaking and asks are you fine. Sanchi says yes. Subramaniam asks her to hurry her as the patient’s pulse rate is dropping. Nurse comes to Dr. Kabir and asks him to come, says Sanchi couldn’t do the operation. Dr. Malhotra gets happy. Veer thinks how can Sanchi do mistake. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that they will save the patient. He does his operation. Sanchi recalls Jaya giving her courage and her promise made to her. She stands crying. Dr. Kabir says Patient is out of danger now.

Nurse comes out and tells Veer and Dr. Malhotra that patient is out of danger now. Sanchi comes out and congratulates Veer for his victory, and says I have lost. She says you wanted to hear this. You need my signature on that paper and asks him to bring that paper. She says I wanted to save people and that’s why became Doctor. She says you became me weak that I put patient’s life in danger. She says I couldn’t become a good doctor and says I am broken now and my dreams. You have won. Veer looks on. Sanchi says I don’t want to become black spot on my papa’s name. She removes her apron and gives in Veer’s hand. She says I am not only leaving his position, but also hospital and practice also. Dr. Kabir asks what you are saying? Sanchi says I have taken my decision and nobody can change it now.

Dr. Malhotra says well done Veer and says I am very proud of you. Veer thinks why I am not happy. His friends get happy and lift him. Sanchi’s cabin is vacated and Dr. Malhotra’s cabin is set as New dean. Dr. Malhotra makes Veer sit on chair and says I got my hospital because of you. He says I have to go to Australia and I was tensed. Now I am relieved that you can handle it well till I returns. Veer nods. Dr. Malhotra says good luck and goes. Veer is still upset. Peon comes and gives files to him saying he got it from Dr. Sanchi’s desk. Veer sees Sanchi, Pragya and Isha pic in happier times and feels guilty. He sees her ID card and recalls her words. He recalls her journey in the hospital. He thinks what wrong did I do and gets teary eyes. Dr. Kabir comes and stops him. He asks did you feel ashamed on your doings. He asks do you realize that the girl have stopped seeing the dreams and have wiped her identity. Veer looks on.

Veer falls off from stairs and gets serious head injury. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and informs her about Veer ‘s accident. Sanchi is shocked.