Savitri Devi 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri Asks Ayesha To Marry Veer

The Episode starts with Savitri asking Veer to marry Ayesha and get engaged. Ayesha hears them. Gayatri takes her from there. Veer says we are just good friends. Savitri asks if there is someone else in your heart and asks her to bring the girl he loves in Dr. malhotra’s party. Sanchi thinks to talk to Veer again, but stops. Veer sees her and tells that her mum asked him to bring girl of his liking. Ayesha says I am you with, and says she has invited me. Sanchi walks a bit. Veer thanks Ayesha and hopes Sanchi comes there. Ayesha hugs him. Veer hears sanchi hurt and runs to her. He asks her to accept him and says we will be very happy. Sanchi thinks I can’t accept you due to promising Savitri. She tells him that she don’t love him, but can’t see him marrying a fraud Ayesha. She tells

him that Ayesha is a fraud, she has many proofs against her and have seen her numerous id cards. Veer asks her to come tonight and save him if she don’t want him to get engaged to Ayesha.

Gayatri plans to get Ayesha and Veer engaged. She hears Ayesha talking to her boyfriend Rohit. Rohit tells her that they shall go to other country and settle down. Ayesha says we need a big house also and asks him to wait. Gayatri thinks so this is her boyfriend and thinks if I get Veer marry her then his life will be ruined. I have ruined Priya and now Veer. She smiles.

She comes to Ayesha and asks her to marry Veer. She says Veer is the heir of the Dr. Malhotra, if you marry him then will become queen and if you marry your boyfriend then you will continue to have struggling life and one day you will be caught by Police. Ayesha says you are saying right, I shall marry Veer.

Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that Veer called her in the party and said that if I don’t go then he will get engaged to Ayesha. Dr. Kabir says why do you always agree to his sayings. Sanchi says I love him and have to save his life from getting ruined.

Ayesha looks at Veer’s pic and thinks he isn’t bad and is cute. She thinks once she marries him, then she will make Sanchi go away from his life and says who will take panga with Ayesha Veer Malhotra.

Veer tells Ayesha that he is sure that Sanchi will come today and once she comes he won’t let her go else Dr. Kabir will corrupt her mind. Madhu and Bala ask Sanchi to handle a patient and says Veer, Ayesha and Ria are on half day leave. Sanchi goes there. Madhu and Bala locks her and takes keys with them. Sanchi realizes their conspiracy. Veer sees Ayesha and Savitri’s bonding which is fake, and looks on. Savitri hugs her. Veer tells Ayesha that Sanchi’s phone is not connecting. Ayesha thinks I love you and will marry you and get all your property. Sanchi thinks how to come out from here and knocks on the door. Dr. Kabir searches her.

Sanchi comes to Veer and asks him to see Ayesha’s truth. Gayatri says Sanchi is fraud. Savitri asks Sanchi to show whatever she wants and asks her to go away from their lives if fails to do son. Sanchi shows the proofs.