Savitri Devi 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer Gives Dean’s Position To Sanchi

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir scolding Veer for snatching hospital from Sanchi. Veer says I know how to make the things right and asks him not to interfere and mind his own business.

Sanchi comes home. Sunny and Dadi ask why she is looking upset. Sanchi goes to room and locks the door. She feels bad. Veer thinks he has done wrong and thinks to bring Sanchi back. He slips while getting down from the stairs, blood comes out of his head and takes Sanchi’s name. Sunny tells Sanchi that she is getting call from hospital. Sanchi comes out of room and rejects the call. Dadi asks Sanchi if she wants to eat something. Sanchi says no and switches off her hand. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi’s house. Sanchi asks him not to waste his time and says she don’t want to talk about it. Dr. Kabir

tells that he haven’t come to talk about her decision and says Veer. Sanchi asks him not to talk about him and says he has ruined my life. Dr. Kabir tells her that Veer met with an accident and is critical. She gets shocked and comes to the hospital.

Veer tells Doctor that he will only get his treatment by Dr. Sanchi. Sanchi comes there and asks him what did he do? Veer tells her that he has realized his mistake and that good can’t happen if anyone does wrong. She asks him to let Doctor do the treatment. Veer tells her that he will get treated by her only else he will prefer to die. Sanchi tells him that she has left practice and lost confidence and needs time. Veer asks her to do his treatment and faints.

Sanchi asks him to open his eyes. Dr. Kabir asks her to decide and says Veer lost lots of blood, his life is in your hand. Sanchi decides to treat him and asks Nurse to give injection. Later she comes to see him. Nurse says he is better now, but can’t tell until he gains consciousness. Sanchi says I know, and reminisces their moments. She says how are you, once you hate me and at the other time, you loves me. I won’t let anything happen to you and I promise I won’t leave you.

Nurse gives her Veer’s latest report. Sanchi reads it and tells Dr. Kabir that Veer’s vision is fine and he is fine. She says my work ended here, so I will leave. Veer comes out of ward and thinks he won’t let Sanchi go. he searches for her. He sees Sanchi leaving and calls Garg. Kids from Paediatric ward and Veer’s friends dances to cheer Sanchi while the song I am sorry song plays….Dr. Kabir smiles. Sanchi sees Veer standing. Garg brings Isha there and says it was Veer’s plan. Veer tells Sanchi that he knows that she is a very good Dean and have handled the hospital well even though he kept hurdles on her way and troubled her a lot. He says no Dean can be best than her, and asks her to return as Dean of the hospital and asks her to say yes. Sanchi agrees and nods her head. Veer brings Dean’ chair out and keeps where she used to sit. Everyone claps for Sanchi.

They come out. Veer says sorry and tells her that he is really feeling sorry and asks if she will get back together with him like they used to be. Sanchi looks on.

Ria informs Gayatri that Veer gave Dean position back to Sanchi and asks her to do something. Veer asks someone if Sanchi came today. Goons kidnap Sanchi and bring her to Gayatri. Gayatri smirks.