The Episode starts with Veer checking the quality of food grains in hospital kitchen. He asks chef what is all this. Chef says even I complained about this and I was told that it is cheap and affordable. Veer asks Garg to take pic. Garg takes pics and emails to him. Veer shares his plan with Garg and says in few hours Sanchi will be out of the hospital soon. Sanchi is taking bath in the hospital washroom and thinks Veer closed the water tap. She shouts calling Veer. Veer comes there and hears her shouting his name. He gets emotional. Sanchi also gets emotional. They reminisces the moments. Veer gets teary eyes. He wipes the tears. Sanchi comes out and wipes her tears. Bewajah song plays….

They both look at each other. He thinks no Veer, you can’t get weak. There is nothing between us now,

this Sanchi was not that Sanchi whom you loved, everything came to an end. He says your game will be over now. Sanchi tells that they shall give their medical equipment contracts, food items etc to one company so that they can some money. Kabir and Pragya hears her. Veer comes there and says food is of bad quality and says she is saving money this way. Nurse D’souza tells that medical council to audit the food grade. They check the food and taste it. They spit the food and ask if she make her patient having this food. Chef comes and asks what I can do, and says Sanchi asked me to make food with rotten vegetables. Sanchi says she didn’t tell him. Veer messages Garg to stop the acting. Garg shouts that everyone is vomiting.

The patients act to vomit and also act to feel pain. Sanchi along with medical council go there. Pragya thinks who are these patients. Kabir asks Nurse to give them Saline. Veer blames Sanchi. Dr. Malhotra says I told that she is not suitable to handle hospital. Medical council scold Sanchi and says they will take strict action against her. Kabir asks Garg to take a patient to OT. Sanchi cries. Kabir tells Sanchi that he knows that she hates him, but forget it now. He says I believe that you can handle medical council, holds her hand and says he won’t let anything happen to the patients, and says we all are with you. Sanchi looks on.

Priya is in the room. Vikrant comes there and says you know what I can do. Priya nods. Vikrant asks how can you think that I will not know. Priya says I haven’t done anything. Vikrant says you tried to kill my baby. Priya asks him to ask anyone in the hospital. Vikrant holds her neck, and says I will not do anything to you as my son is in your womb. He says Sanket will be punished. Priya touches his feet and says she didn’t go to abort the baby, and says she will never let anything happen to baby. Vikrant says he will shave off her hairs and is about to trim her hairs. Priya says if you shave or trim my hairs then baby will have no hairs. Vikrant goes angrily.

The patients’ relatives protest against Sanchi. Veer comes and asks them to sit and wait. He turns to Sanchi and says if she can’t handle her patients then how can she handle the hospital. Sanchi goes to Medical council. Medical council decide to take action against her. Sanchi asks them to listen and says this doesn’t happen because of me and says she can’t harm her patients even in dreams. She asks for a chance and says this is my Papa’s hospital and I care for my patients. She says if you feel that I am not suitable then I will resign. Medical council asks her to handle the hospital situation else they will cancel her licence.

Veer tells Sanchi that this wouldn’t have happen if you had given good quality food. Sanchi says she will make everything fine and asks him not to have false hopes.