Savitri Devi 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi Refuses Veer’s Proposal

The Episode starts with Sanchi seeing Gayatri and asks what is this misbehavior. Gayatri says I am not interested to call you, you are here as someone wants to meet you. Sanchi says you are doing wrong, leave me. Nurse brings Savitri there. Sanchi gets happy seeing her and touches her feet. She says you are fine and asks her to sit. Savitri sits on chair. Sanchi says I am very happy to see you fine. Savitri says are you doing much work. Sanchi says she is fine. Savitri asks her to have food which she got made for her. Sanchi says Maa is still in jail and says now she can come out of jail, and Veer and I can get b ack together. Savitri says this is the problem with small thinking people and says Jaya broken her trust and tried to kill her, now using you to snatch Veer. She says I won’t let this

happen, go away from my son’s life. Sanchi cries. Savitri says I know what you wants and offers money. She says you have snatched my hospital, but I won’t let you snatch my hospital from me. She asks her to take the money and leave. Sanchi says my love is not saleable and says I will fulfill your wish and says I will go away from his life, I don’t need money. Savitri asks her to promise that she will take advantage of Veer’s emotions and asks her not to tell this to him. Sanchi recalls Savitri and Jaya uniting them and promises not to tell him anything. Gayatri smirks. Sanchi cries and leaves from there.

Sanchi comes to meet Veer. Veer gets glad seeing her. He says I knew you will come surely, I know that you loves me the way I love you. Sanchi recalls Savitri’s words and blows on the candle. She asks him to put his hopes to rest as they can’t unite, says they are like river’s two end which can walk together, but can’t meet. Veer says you are lying Sanchi. Your lies are saying something and asks her to tell what happened? Sanchi says your doings are stopping me and says I am not going to give you chance to play with my feelings, I am not an idiot. Veer holds her hands and says something is stopping you, but I will not leave hope and will try to be suitable for you, and will wait for that day when you come to me. Sanchi cries and goes.

Gayatri thanks Savitri for agreeing to her sayings and says I was very worried. Savitri asks her to call Veer. Gayatri says she called him already. Savitri thanks her. Gayatri asks Nurse to give her injection to make her unconscious and says she wants her to be in coma. Sanchi shares her pain with Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir says Veer is not suitable for you. Nurse gives injection to Savitri. Gayatri says she is not getting unconscious now and asks her to increase the dose. Gayatri asks Nurse to give her double dose. Savitri hears Veer’s name and calls him. She gets unconscious when he comes as Nurse gives her double dose. Veer asks Gayatri if she got consciousness. Gayatri says even she heard her voice, but when she came here running, she was unconscious. Veer says I thought she called me. Gayatri says may be she called you from heart and that’s why her voice reached your heart. She says Didi will be fine when God wants and says that day will come soon, and thinks your Maa’s God is me, which will never let her come out of coma. She says he will check the nurse, who is preparing for night dose. She thinks they have to separate them for forever, this will be done by third person, smirsks.

Veer massages to Sanchi’s hands and she feels good. Dr. Kabir looks on. Sanchi turns and looks at Veer, goes. A girl comes planted by Gayatri and falls in Veer’s embrace