The Episode starts with Sanchi checking a patient. She asks Doctor to inform the patient’s relative that he is fine. Pragya comes and says media is waiting for you. Sanchi comes to meet Reporter. Reporter says you are late. Sanchi apologizes and asks them to start the interview. They tell that Sanchi has proved herself in 15 days. Sanchi gives the interview. Constable shows Sanchi interview to Jaya on her mobile. Jaya thanks her and thinks what she couldn’t do in 15 years is done in 15 days by Sanchi. Sanchi feels bad and thinks she couldn’t make Jaya sit on dean chair. Veer says Jaya is not suitable to sit on it and will get rotten all life in jail. Sanchi promises to make her sit on the chair today itself and says it is her junoon now. Isha asks how she will do now. Pragya comes there wearing

villager’s idea and says we can enter PS now. Sanchi says it is not that easy.

Priya is in her room. Vikrant comes to her and asks her to get up, says we will play chess. Priya says she is tired and needs to sleep. Vikrant says he wants his baby boy to be active. He says today also I will make you lose. He says he wants his son to learn chess from her stomach. Priya says she don’t know how to play. Vikrant says you are a champion and asks her to play. He says if she loses then her son will also lose. He brings almonds for her and forcibly makes her eat. Priya coughs. He makes her drink water and says you have finished all bowl. Priya thinks how can he think of ideas to torture me.

Sanchi, Isha and Pragya come out of hospital in bangaran disguise. Sanchi collides with Veer. Veer asks where they are going. Pragya says they are going to dance in cultural program. Veer stops to get auto. Isha says she got her car. They come to PS and dances like Bangaran. Inspector sees Sanchi’s face and says he saw her somewhere. Madhu informs Veer that Sanchi and her friends went to Police station wearing banjaran attire. Veer runs there. Sub Inspector asks Inspector to let them dance and says we will give them some money. They dance. Lady Constable asks Jaya to go to washroom and opens the lock up. Jaya goes to washroom. The PS gets smoky. Pragya thinks if her plan will backfire and land Sanchi in trouble.

Jaya tells Sanchi that she saw her interview. Sanchi says she has some dream and for that she has to come with her. They are about to take her out, when inspector stops them.