Episode starts with Inspector asking Sanchi and her friends to stop dancing and leave from Police station. They apologize and say they didn’t get to dance since long. They dance and divert their attention. Jaya says it is against law. Sanchi says you are innocent and guilty is roaming free. Jaya feels proud of her and says I saw your interview. If Sunil have been alive then he would have been very happy. Sanchi says my dream is not yet fulfilled and I came to take you for that. She asks her to come with her. Jaya changes the clothes. The Inspector stops them and asks why this woman is wearing jail chappal. Pragya pretends to fall down and says she is feeling pain. Sanchi already leaves with Jaya. Inspector sees other woman’s face and says sorry. Isha says we are poor. They leave.

comes to the Police station and says I want to meet Jaya mishra. Inspector asks him to come tomorrow. Veer thinks Sanchi had promised me that she will do Jaya’s abhishek and will make her sit on hospital chair. He thinks they might have gone to hospital.

Jaya comes to the hospital. Sanchi welcomes her and says this is your daughter’s cabin. Jaya gets glad seeing her name plate. Sanchi asks her to come and says this is your real place. Jaya looks at Sunil’s chair. Sunny asks whose chair is this? Sanchi says it is of Papa and now Maa will sit here. She asks Jaya to sit. Jaya sits on chair. Sanchi does her tilak and aarti. Veer reaches hospital. Isha asks her to cut ribbon on pic. Jaya cuts it and sees Sunil and her pic. Sanchi thinks today she is very happy. Jaya hugs Sunil’s pic and cries. She says I am sure you will get this hospital one day, and if Sunil have been alive then he would have felt proud. Sanchi says she will win the hospital with her hard work and honest. Veer thinks Sanchi must have brought her mum here. He comes inside and see aarti thaali kept on table.

Sanchi, Pragya and Isha hides Jaya. They go out. Jaya thanks Sanchi. Sanchi says itw as your right and tells that she has promised herself to make her sit on chair. She says Pragya and Isha helped her. Jaya hugs them and tells Sanchi that she wants to meet Savitri. Sanchi says it is a big risk. Jaya says for once. I think about her since that incident happened. She says please Sanchi. Sanchi says ok. Garg tells Veer that he saw Sanchi and Jaya outside his house. Veer calls Dr. Malhotra, but he is not picking the call. Veer goes to check.

Jaya meets Savitri while the latter is still in coma. She says she never thought their relation will change. Veer comes there and says how dare you to bring your mum here. Sanchi says my mum is worried for your mum. Veer says she is responsible for this condition. Sanchi asks him to give her sometime with Savitri and says she will take her out in 5 mins. Veer says I can’t leave my mum with her even for a second and asks Sanchi to move. He pushes her and accuses Jaya for trying to kill Savitri again. He says you are a criminal who ran from Police station. He takes them to room and locks them. Sanchi asks him to listen to her. He calls Police. Dr. Malhotra and others come there and asks who is making noise. Veer tells that Jaya ran from police station and came here with her daughter, and I have locked them inside. Dr. Malhotra is shocked and asks Veer to call Police.

Dr. Malhotra and Veer come to Police station and tell Inspector that Jaya escaped from there. Inspector calls Jaya.