The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra asking Veer to call Police. Sanchi hears them and tells Jaya that she has to make her reach police station before Police comes there and says how to come out from here. Veer says Police is not picking the call. Dr. Malhotra says I will make them alright. He goes inside the room and sees Sanchi and Jaya escaped through the window. Gayatri thinks Veer can’t do anything. Dr. Malhotra comes to Police station with Veer and scolds Inspector for sleeping on duty. Veer says Jaya Mishra is missing and says I saw her in my house. Inspector calls Jaya, but she was not there. Veer says she has eloped from under your nose. Jaya comes. Veer is shocked to see her in lock up and says I have seen her in hospital and them my house. Jaya says how can this be possible and says if

I am here then how it is possible. Inspector says yes. Dr. Malhotra says you can fool Police, but I know you came to my house. Jaya smiles and says yes, I have come, but you have no proofs. She says you are an expert to wipe the proofs and says I went to meet my friend. Dr. Malhotra says I will call commissioner and tighten the security. Jaya says you can do anything and says a 24 years old girl made you lose, first in hospital and here, and asks if he is feeling ashamed. Dr. Malhotra says Jaya. Veer says there is no use of talking to her.

Sanchi thanks lady constable for her kindly help. Lady constable says I am sure Jaya is innocent and that’s why I helped you. Dr. Malhotra says Sanchi is very clever and is saved everytime. Veer says it must be Pragya’s idea and says she is very smart. Sanchi says I am very happy and says lets go. Veer sees them going and says I swear I will not leave her. Gayatri thinks the trouble is left for me, She sees Savitri making movement in her hand and says Jaya came and she is showing improvement. She presses her hand and says she won’t let her be fine.

Veer comes to the hospital and claps. He says you have made your mum reached back Police station on time and says you have broken rules and ethics. Sanchi says you don’t talk to me about ethics and rules and says my mum is not a criminal. Veer says your mum is a criminal. He takes the chair out, pours kerosene on it and lights the match, throws on chair. Sanchi asks him to stop and gets shocked seeing the chair burning.

Sanchi cries and looks angrily at him. Gayatri scolds the security for letting Sanchi and Jaya come inside. She fires the guards and says she can’t take risk with her Didi’s life and will take care of her herself. Dadi says Gayatri is right. Veer falls in her trap. He says I can’t take risk with my mum, Gayatri ji is right, we have to change our staff. Gayatri gets happy and smiles, and shouts at security to go. She smiles and signs Dr. Malhotra.. Veer goes out. Gayatri tells Savitri that Veer has started believing her and now she will take care of her very much, and smirks.

Investors asks why we shall trust you. Sanchi is about to say. Just then peon brings black rose with a chit. Sanchi reads the chit and is shocked. Pragya asks the peon to give it to Dr. Veer. Investors tell Sanchi that they can’t invest in her hospital. Sanchi gets tensed. Dr. Kabir looks on upset.

Vikrant shows her gum laddoos and says it is good for you and baby. Priya says she don’t want to eat. Vikrant forcefeeds it in her mouth. Dadi comes there and asks if she is eating or applying on face. She asks about her inlaws. Priya says they went abroad. Dadi says some elder shall be with you and says I will stay back. Vikrant says no need, I am here to take care of Priya. She says Savitri mum needs you. Dadi says Gayatri is looking after her. Priya says Vikrant takes care of her well. Dadi says she will ask driver to bring her clothes.

Veer asks Sanchi how dare you to give me black flowers. Sanchi says it is your gift which I am returning. Veer says I will not give even a cactus to you. Sanchi also argues with him.

Sanchi brings black paint and throws on Veer. Veer paints her face red. They get romantic.