The Episode starts with Harman thanking Soumya to have chana with her. Soumya says do I need to tell you that all my life moments is for you. Harman asks what about giving time to others. Soumya says all relations are important. Harman asks her to become just his wife and says that day we will talk about our life. Soumya says I am not someone’s sister, daughter or bahu for 1 hour and says just your Gulabo. Mohini tells Harak singh that she will not cook food and says masala smell is coming from her hands. Harak Singh says sometimes we have to do work. Mohini says you shall stop me from working as I am pregnant with your child, but you asks me to go and make food. Harman and Soumya are in the park, when someone calls her and says you are a kinnar, you will tell this truth to everyone, else your husband

will not be alive. He threatens her not to tell anyone about his threat and laughs. Soumya gets scared. Someone shoots at a man. Harman runs behind him and comes back, asks who was the attacker. Man says I have no enemy.

Soumya gets a call and the man says matter was serious, this bullet was shot just to scare you. Soumya asks Harman to come. Veeran massages Shanno’s head. Shanno says I am not someone’s servant. Raavi says I am also not a servant. Harak Singh tells Mohini that he will hire Servant for her. Soumya and Harman come back home. Harman says don’t know who shot the bullet. Preeto gets shocked and asks Harman. Harman says someone attacked a guy outside. Harak Singh says who has attacked my son. Mohini gets worried and thinks why he is showing concern for Harman.

Soumya and Harman go to room. Soumya says you will not go out of house. Preeto comes and asks Soumya to calm down. Soumya is about to tell her, but stops. Preeto asks her to make parathas for Harman. Soumya is tensed. Preeto asks what happened? Soumya gets another call and the man threatens her and asks her not to tell anything even to her saas. He threatens him and acts like kinnar. Soumya gets worried and asks Mata rani what to do. She recalls Harak Singh giving divorce papers to Preeto. She thinks she can’t tell Harman and thinks how can he/she keep eye on me. Harman wakes up and asks whom she is missing. Soumya says she is going to get water. Harman says you do double work.

Soumya sees Mohini talking and takes her call and asks who is she? The woman on call says she is customer care. Soumya says you were not talking to customer care. Mohini scolds her and says I am not answerable to kinnar and asks her to tell with whom she was talking to. She tells Soumya that Harak Singh do whatever she asks him. Harak Singh comes and asks Mohini what happened? Mohini says she snatched my phone and behaves as if she is real bahu. She says I am your Sanam ji na. Preeto asks why do you call her kinnar always. Harak Singh scolds her. Harman asks what she was doing here? Preeto says what we have to do. Soumya stays silent. Preeto thinks she is definitely hiding something.

The blackmailer kinnar calls Soumya and threatens her asking her to keep her phone charged else Harman’s breath will stops.