The Episode starts with Soumya calling Harman and asks him to come home soon. A veiled kinnar (Bangkok’s club owner who was arrested by the police for human trafficking and for selling girls) keeping eye on her. Harman comes there. Preeto sees the veiled kinnar and asks who is she? Soumya says Mohini kept her for her. Mohini asks her to work only for her. Harman asks Soumya why she was asking him to come soon. She asks how did his car tyre got punctured. Harman says I don’t know and says even you have same love form me, but is miser to express love. Soumya hugs him and gets emotional. She thinks someone wants to separate them, but she can’t let this happen. Harman asks her to tell what happened. Soumya nods no.

Saya tells Chameli that Soumya had to pay a big price because of her goodness.

She says it is good that I went there, else Kareena and Raveena must have taken the money and jewellery, and then also would have done enmity with her. Rani calls Surbhi and informs her that Kareena and Raveena might be blackmailing Soumya. Surbhi says she will talk to Soumya.

Harman asks Soumya to come to garden and talk to him. Soumya says no and just then belan/roti roller falls from her hand. Harman promotes the show belan wali bahu. Harak Singh asks Mohini if she is happy now as Servant (kinnar) serves them food. Veeran and Shanno come there. Shanno says it is not good it family stays separately. Harak Singh says I don’t need anyone except you. Mohini asks them to go. Kinnar asks Mohini to forgive them and talk to them nicely. Mohini says ok and asks them to have food. Kinnar says I have work in kitchen and goes. She goes to kitchen and tells Soumya that she will cut the onions and asks her to do some other work. She tells Soumya that where she used to work before, her owner taught her that onion is a human and the knife is a gun. He chops the onion saying this. Kinnar starts acting and cries, tells Mohini what she told.

Shanno says it will be fun now. Preeto scolds her and asks Harman to take Soumya to room, says she will make food. Harman asks Soumya to come. Soumya is restless. Harman asks Soumya why she is not eating food. Preeto asks Harman to feed her when she don’t want to eat. She feeds food to Soumya. Soumya gets emotional. Harman makes her have food. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Soumya says she is lucky to have a loving family and thinks she won’t let anything happen to them. Preeto asks him to finish food and asks not to fight. Harman says you see harak singh with that woman and says I understand what you feel, and assures to make everything fine. He says your son will make everything very good, very soon. He hugs her.

Kinnar threatens Soumya and shows the video in which watermelon is easily cut by a thread, and he says that it can easily cut Harman’s neck. Soumya gets shocked.