Shakti 15th January 2018 Written Episode and Update

Shakti 15th January 2018 Written Episode and Update

The Episode starts with Kinnar blackmailing Soumya and asks her to tell truth soon else..Soumya asks her to tell the world about her identity. She gets worried and thinks what to do now, and thinks if she tells the truth then Harak and Preeto’s relation will end. Harman asks whose call it is. Soumya says nobody is talking. She thinks if I tell this to papa ji, then thinks he will not listen to her as he hates her. She writes on the paper and thinks to keep it in Harak’s room. Kinnar massages Mohini’s head. Mohini says Harak Singh will come late in night. Soumya keeps the letter in his room. Harak Singh comes home. Kinnar opens the door. Mohini calls him and says she couldn’t get sleep without him and asks him to come. Harak Singh promises her that he will not go anywhere as his sanam ji needs him.

He finds the letter and is about to open it, but kinnar comes there and snatches it from his hand saying it is hers. Harak singh tells mohini that it is an insult.

Soumya worries if the letter is read by harak singh. Kinnar reads the letter and laughs. She says I will ruin Harman and take revenge. He/she lifts the veil. She says she is Maharani and says Harman had ruined her Bangkok business and she will take revenge.

She recalls calling Kareena and says your enemy is my enemy. Mohini joins them on conference call. Mohini says she is also Soumya’s enemy. A fb is shown, Maharani meets Kareena, Raveena and Mohini, and introduces herself. Raveena says so you are bangkok’s maharani. Again a fb of the same is shown. Maharani says she has to go to jail because of Soumya and Harman, and now she came to take the revenge. Kareena says what she will do. Maharani says Soumya will bring out her truth and her identity will be ruined. Mohini says she wants Preeto and Harak Singh to get divorce, and wants to get his property. Fb ends.

Mohini comes to Maharani and asks what was written in the letter. Maharani says Soumya asked for help from Harak Singh. She says just 12 days are left and then she will see Soumya. Mohini laughs and goes. Soumya hopes Harak Singh reads the letter.

Preeto serves rice and jaggery in the plate and says it is a custom for today. Soumya says she will do. Preeto asks her to do. Soumya hopes Harak Singh reads the letter.

Maharani calls Soumya and threatens regarding Harman’s life. Soumya turns and sees Harman about to drink something.