Shakti 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya Does Strict Puja For Harman’s Life

The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harman and says good morning. She kisses on his forehead and asks him to make tea for her. She rests on his chest and cries. Shanno comes, taunts her and asks her to come down as Pandit ji is calling her for puja. Nani gives aarti to Surbhi. Surbhi asks Nani to come with her to Harman’s house, and says Harak Singh and Preeto are after Soumya. She says Harak said that he will throw Soumya out if Harman don’t get in 3 days. She says Preeto asks her to do puja. Nani asks her to let Soumya do puja and says we can’t stop her.

Saya asks Chanda if she met Soumya yesterday. Chanda tells her that Nani took Soumya to her house, when Maninder refuses to let her stay in his house. She says preeto came there and then took Soumya with her, saying

as Soumya is responsible for Harman’s condition, she will only treat her. Saya says Preeto said right and says Soumya can make him fine. She gives example of a child who has to bear the pain if gets his hand burnt.

Pandit ji asks Soumya to take matka to temple and not to keep it down even once. Soumya asks someone to come with her. Harak Singh scolds her. Chintu says I will come with you. Soumya says you are small, but Chintu is adamant. Neighbors see Soumya taking matka to temple and tells how can harak singh send her, other neighbor tells that she is inauspicious for family. Chintu says I will scold them, but Soumya stops him. Soumya goes to a temple, do puja and puts water. She comes to another temple and puts water on shivling. Kareena and Raveena see Soumya and asks her to accept the reality that she is a kinnar and leave Harman, then they will not trouble her. chintu picks a stick and says he will beat them. Soumya asks him not to do that and asks him to cool down. Saya comes to Harak Singh’s house and says she brought Vibhooti for Harman, and it is said that kinnnars vibhooti is beneficial. Pandit ji says this all happened because of your inauspicious. Saya says it is upto you to apply it. She says blessing is a blessing even if it comes from Kinnar. She tells Preeto that she will not come again, but will pray for Harman sitting at her house.

Chintu asks why she is doing puja. Soumya says it is her devotion and she wants him to be fine, as he is her everything. They come home. Pandit ji asks her wash Harman’s feet with leftover water and then drink it. Everyone is shocked.

Soumya do the puja as Pandit ji says and asks him why he didn’t gain consciousness. Pandit ji blames Soumya for not doing puja with devotion. Harak Singh shouts asking Soumya to leave his house.