Shakti 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman Worried For Soumya

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to come to hospital. Soumya agrees. Mohini requests them to take her Didi to hospital, and says I am pregnant and can’t take her. Harman asks if Harak Singh is also pregnant, he can take her. Harak Singh says I will take her. Mohini says no. Soumya says we will take her. Maharani comes to hall as Mohini calls her. Mohini asks her to go to hospital with Harman. Harman is driving the car when it stops suddenly. He asks her to sit in car till he brings mechanic and goes. A boy comes and knocks on the window asking for money. Soumya searches for money, but it is not in car. Maharani gives her money and asks her to give. Soumya gives the money, when boy throw letter inside. She reads it and gets down from the hospital. Harman comes there with mechanic .


repairs the car and asks him to start it. Harman asks her to drink juice and give to Mohini’s didi also. Raveena and Kareena tell that they are feeling bad to ill treat her and says Mohini will set them in Bangkok. Rani says Mallika will not leave you both when she comes to know this. Kareena slaps her.

Manager comes home and says Soumya’s presentation was good and asks Harman to bring her to office. Harman says everything is of Soumya. Harak Singh gets upset. Mohini checks the bank passbooks and says everything is on Preeto’s name and many bank accounts are joint accounts. Maharani comes there and says Harman will transfer everything on your name now and shares her plans.

Manager tells that he wants Preeto’s sign. Mohini brings cheque book. Preeto asks her to give cheque book to her. She then asks her to tell in the register about the company name and amount. Mohini is upset. Preeto asks her not to waste time and tell her.

Harman gives tablets to Soumya and goes to bring water. Soumya recalls Boy throwing letter inside and is worried. Preeto taunts Mohini. Mohini thinks one day she will be on Preeto’s place and will sign on the cheque. CA asks Harman to check the accounts. Harman asks him to give this work to someone else as his wife is unwell.

Surbhi asks Saya and Chanda to approach Police. Raveena gets worried. Kareena says Police will not take any action and have no time for kinnars. Maharani calls someone. The boy comes there and asks for blanket. Soumya is shocked to see him. Veeran gives him blanket. Soumya gets the letter and is shocked to see Harman and Preeto’s pic.

Harman asks Soumya to rest. Soumya decides to commit suicide and end the matter.